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  • Lucky Girl - Patti Scialfa
    "I never wanted nothing Baby you know it's true I never wanted nothing The way I wanted you I kept me hands clean I walked a good line I knew someday baby Someday you'd be mine And when fortune came to"
  • Lucky Seven - Dr. Feelgood
    "(Keith 'Lew' Lewis) Waiting on the station for the train to stand in line Your head is full of summin' and your feet is keeping time You can't stop moving while you're waiting for that train Your body's"
  • Lucky Man - Mocca
    "Some people say you're a lucky man To win the first prize lottery Some people say you're a lucky man To have a high-flying bright career But I know they're wrong And I'm sure they're wrong Some people"
  • I'm Lucky - Joan Armatrading
    "I'm lucky I'm lucky I can walk under ladders Yes I'm so lucky That I'm as lucky As me Struck it rich Dirty rich No work And get richer And the world Loves a winner Yes I'm so happy That you're happy With"
  • Lucky Star - Ricky Nelson
    "Lucky star shine on me Lucky star don't you see I need your light shinin' bright To win her love for me tonight Lucky star in the sky Don't let her love pass me by No matter how near or far Won't you"
  • Lucky Lips - Cliff Richard
    "When I was just a little baby I didn't have many toys, But my mama used to say, son, you've got more than other boys. Now you may not be good looking, and you may not be too rich. but you'll never ever"
  • Lucky Love - Ace Of Base
    "Life is a paradise... whoa oh yeah Lucky love belongs in teenage heaven I know I know 'Cause I've been there with you tonight Lucky love belongs in teenage heaven I know I know 'Cause I've been there"
  • Be Lucky - The Who
    "Be lucky Be lucky Be lucky, son /3x Be lucky gotta make it your own Get from a bottle squeeze it from a stone Might not remember the best way home But come December you won't be alone Be lucky Be lucky Be"
  • Lucky One - Amy Grant
    "(Amy Grant, Keith Thomas) You're the kind When you love you love with all your might and You're the kind I would dream about at night Now I'm the lucky one Baby I'm the lucky one You're the kind That"
  • Lucky Ones - Pat Green
    "Day after day The search goes on No ones explained That grevings so strong Love runs so deep Down in your soul It hit me so high All that I know (chorus): Cause baby the lucky ones Baby the lucky ones Baby"

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