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  • The Story - Puffy AmiYumi
    ") It's easy, we gotta be {{Translation|Japanese}} ==Romanji== Yumemonogatari Amaeattari mitsumeattari te wo tsunaidari Waraiattari fuzakeattari tokini mattari isogashii Seishun"
  • Pinocchio Story - Kanye West
    "Wise men say (x3) You'll never figure out real love (x3) Its so crazy I got everything figured out but for some reason I can never find what real love is about no doubt everything in the world figured"
  • Southside Story - John Mayall
    "Southside Story (John Mayall 2002) The Band was jumpin`- hot as hell Everybody felt allright Little Walter took the stand And a blue note cut the night In the hot red smokie light As the music to control Wouldn`t"
  • The Story - E-40
    "Chorus: Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on again and again Uh Uh Here's a little story I got to tell And this dis goes on again and again Uh Uh Here's a little story I"
  • Bedtime Story - Az
    "(feat. Slick Rick) Amar, Amar, c'mon. Yeah Dad, what? Hope you did your homework already. I did that already, c'mon Dad. Nah, it's time to go to... C'mon listen... What happened? I went to school today"
  • Our story - Ryan Cabrera
    "This time I'll think of brighter days Where I'm falling deep, deep inside our story I'm counting on Something I can feel I won't fall asleep Cause even if I'm hurting I'm waiting on the one for me It's"
  • The Story - Allure
    "Oh, no, no, no, no, oh Oh yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, oh He was a memory I can't erase Like a dream come true from out of the night When I first saw you our eyes met face to face I knew right then and"
  • Overnight Story - John Hiatt
    "They took enough of my mind To make a calculator Addin' up the figures, they'll find That love's a dumbwaiter Waitin' for the dream to fade Right into you hit parade Maybe I've made that long"
  • Undeveloped Story - Anberlin
    "Taking all what others have hassled Looking back to darker days getting me down And if this is chaos, I think that I'm in love with clamor Tides are turning Never understood my undeveloped story But"
  • Bizzy's Story - Bizzy Bone
    "The one baby! As a child, army days, cancelled the fun childhood After runnin away with mom so many times It's tearin their relationship apart I wasn't doin anything but bein a kid, no evil in my heart Never"

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