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  • People - Maroon Town
    "What's happening in the world today People do not care When you ask them they only say That they do not care The people, the people, the people yeah We got to live together The people, the people, the"
  • Pound to the dollar - Maroon Town
    "From the Pound to the Dollar From the Dollar to the Pound Lots of money in the world Not enough to go around A lot of greed a lot of need A lot of debt another bet Who will win this human race Third World"
  • Prince of peace - Maroon Town
    "I don't know but I've been told about that brother The Prince of Peace walking around under cover Nobody knows so nobody tells About the Prince of Peace why don't you wish him well He's on a mission, the"
  • Sierra - Maroon Town
    "A man goes on a journey to visit a far off land Explorations to discover treasures of life Travelling through dusty roads over mountains through jungles Seeing creatures of all kinds It was hot in the"
  • Streets of San Francisco - Maroon Town
    "Take a chance, take a chance I got a chance No talking about romance Talking about something other than the birds and bees Talk about things that were not meant to be Talk about the past, history will"
  • Swing easy - Maroon Town
    "I'll never sing love to you girl if I didn't mean it I'll never sing love to your girl, if I didn't care So don't sing love to me girl, if you don't mean it Don't sing love to me girl, if you don't care"
  • Thatcher's children - Maroon Town
    "It's getting harder and harder Getting the money you need to surviv Kept in line by the grocer's daughter Undervalued and undermined Your way of living, for you it has a meaning There is nobody that can"
  • Travelling light - Maroon Town
    "Got no bag or baggage to hold me down I'm traveling so fast my feet aint touching the ground Traveling light I'm traveling light Soon I'm going to see the love look in your eyes I'm hooting to holler away"
  • Vision of hope - Maroon Town
    "Shifting my perspective on reality Staring at the lunatics surrounding me Every single day in every single way Caring less and less about humanity Tripping through the dreams of insanity Reflections on"
  • Watermelon man - Maroon Town
    "Musical excursion trip of a lifetime I won't take my time to make up my mind Choose the right way on the musical highway Music is the answer wouldn't choose it any other way Days have gone long have the"

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