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  • Zaloty jesienne A.D. 1971 - Andrzej I Eliza
    "Słowa: Bogdan Olewicz Muzyka: Andrzej Rybiński Na dnie w szklance cię znalazłem, Myłaś wtedy głowę, Zapytałem, czy mnie kochasz Tak, jak ryba wodę. Zapytałem, czy mnie zechcesz, Zanim dzień upłynie, Zanim"
  • Babalon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness) - Cradle of Filth
    "I bled on a pivotal stretch Like a clockwork Christ Bears sore stigmata, bored And as I threw Job, I drove Myself to a martyred wretch To see if I drew pity Or pretty litanies from the Lord So the plot"
  • Climax Of Hatred - Ad Hominem
    "Falling conspiracy of the impotent morals Guilty of deeds So proudly blamed Revolution of mind Carnal cataclysms Human Disaster You will pay for the lies you preach every day H.A.T.R.E.D Dethroned from"
  • Arbeit Macht Tod - Ad Hominem
    "I like the smell of a dead child Whose I cut the throat After torturing him a bit For nothing but pleasure Innocence bleeds As the feeble lamb lies Sadism will lead us to glory The sweetness of cruelty The"
  • Auschwitz Rules - Ad Hominem
    "Crowded like animals You're the waste of existence Doomed to ignorance You'll disappear in shame and pain The spectre of Auschwitz is hauting your minds It didn't forgot you were born to suffer And we,"
  • Delirium Tremens - Ad Hominem
    "Devant la symphonie oppressante, L'art macabre se doit d'operer par des executions massives, Car l'essence meme de l'etre humain est aujourd'hui corrompue. Je vois en le genocide total, la solution finale,"
  • Nuclear Black Metal Kampf - Ad Hominem
    "Cold rains of blood Falling overnight The persecuted mass Is screaming of pain and despair People running everywhere The victory has begun Unholy thoughts through deeds of wisdom Human controlled intelligence You're"
  • Planet Zog - Ad Hominem
    "Insipid and trifling It's the mistress of spiritual masturbation At the edge of rupture - Mother of all wounds Incessant absurdity - Stagnation turning to involution - Even hoping for congratulations Planet"
  • Ritual Of The Depraved - Ad Hominem
    "Everyday eating excrements Kneeled your head in the bog Hard or soft no importance Taking pleasure in decadence Children and professional success You're an example for society But when your wife's away The"
  • Slaughter The Pope - Ad Hominem
    "Your senility reflects your dying religion Decades of reign among the perverted lambs Praising tolerance and forgiveness But concealing Holy Inquisition's deeds Shaking but never wanking Anus of humanity In"

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