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  • Somebody Else - Bleu
    "What if I was alright? What if I wasn't wound so tight? What if I had the balls to be bad? Would you still look at me like that? Would you be mad that I had held the old me back? Why can't I be somebody"
  • Somethin' Else - Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers
    "Look left, here she comes Here comes that girl again Wanted to date her since I don't know when But she don't notice me when I pass She goes with other guys way outta my class That can't stop me from thinkin'"
  • Nothing Else - Archive
    "My Angel! Clipped wings, I know. Wanders in darkness, on grimy ground. In a forest, unclean, unsound. Everything, everything's gone wild. Make land for the cows to graze, leaflets scatter around to advertise. Sellout.... A"
  • Nobody Else - Tyrese
    "Now as I look around What do I see Everybody wants to try to get to know me baby now it's my porogitive to do what I want to do and I couldn't see myself babe with no one but you I don't want nobody else"
  • Nobody Else - One Vo1ce
    "i dont want nobody else cause its so lonely without you i wont waste your time anymore im ready to love only you i dont want nobody else im only loving you more your constantly, on my mind constantly,"
  • Nobody Else - Take That
    "Making my way through photographs Of the night when you first stood by my side Old friends with smiles some are here some are gone Good memories of our senior high Looking back we're the only couple"
  • Everybody Else - The Blue Nile
    "I woke up good this morning And nothing in my way I woke up good this morning Darling let's say yeah I woke up good this morning The world is right outside Yes start out feeling lucky Gonna catch a ride I"
  • Somebody Else - Sofia Loell
    "Somebody else, somebody else X2 She dresses up at night, with only him in sight she's wearing high heels and high confidence her face is all a smile, her walk is full of hope she's walking straight ahead"
  • Nobody Else - Los Lonely Boys
    "I can't stand to be alone Cause I go crazy when you're gone You're the one that makes me whole I pray you've known this all along Everything is gonna be alright I wanna be with you all of my life I can't"
  • Something Else - Stray Cats
    "(E.Cochran/S.Sheeley) Hey look a there Here she comes Here comes that girl again Wanted to date her Since I don't know when But she don't notice me When I pass She goes with all the guys From out of my"

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