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mom and san whit sliping

  • San Francisco - Brett Dennen
    "Go if you want to go But I won't follow, just so you know Be if you want to leave But I won't be here when you come home I'm gonna move to San Francisco Look up some old friends I'm gonna get me a Navy"
  • San Francisco - Lucero
    "First time I saw it half asleep and broken hearted They strapped half stacks to roof racks and drove to the parties Nothing like home with the cold summer nights They played songs for the girls and they"
  • San Francisco - Kristin Hersh
    "Breakfast at the movies Gatorade and blackjack on the bed God bless the ugly Cheap champagne and blackjack on the bed I was born in America, born with the fists of a saint Way out of range Breakfast in"
  • T-San - Audio Karate
    "so i say goodnight to you so i say goodnight to you when its all been said and you know its no longer left in me and theres nothin i can do but youre the only thing that i can see evolving into everything"
  • T-san - Sakis Rouvas
    "So I Say Goodnight to You So I Say Goodnight to You When Its All Been Said and You Know Its no Longer Left in Me And Theres Nothin I Can do But Youre the Only Thing That I Can See Evolving Into Everything"
  • San Francisco - Alkaline Trio
    "Choking on the thought of leaving Drinking to keep from sobbing Four PM, four dollar pints At SFO, the time and price With all my happiness aborted The PA painfully starts boarding I sink deep thirty"
  • San Diego - Wheat
    "your love is a parking lot with potholes and faded lines and the kids don't hang because the cops just chase them out your love is a tow away zone no parking unless you're willing to pay the fine you said"
  • San Francisco - Midicronica
    "Yeah good morning Hitori okidasu umou no shita mata atarashii seikatsu ni hariototsu mada usuguraku tomoru gaitou ga sewashinakute choushin kizamu guideline Taikutsu wa ikutsuka no fact itsuka mita"
  • Tak jest w San Escobar - Hymn San Escobar
    "Tak jest w San Escobar Oh yeah Zbierz się, czeka nas raj Jarek stworzył nowy kraj kraj naj naj naj naj naj Ej nawet zima nie ma tutaj praw Wiosna, Lato no i jesień Jarek chętnie się przeniesie Ktoś Cię"
  • Mom And Dad Created A Monster - Heideroosjes
    "I am nothing, I'm just a piece of shit My clothes are different so you can see it The thoughts I have are not the same as yours Those ideas don't make my a loser without force (CHORUS) Mom and Dad"

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