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on more night Phil collins

  • Send More Paramedics - Funeral - Send More Paramedics
    "Funeral The last obsequious rites With filial devotion commit this body to the night Funeral Mark this passing Show your anguish Cast your handful On this casket These eyes like sapless wells are dry As"
  • Heat on the street - Phil Collins
    "You've gotta shout if you've got something to sayI know it's getting bad, you read it every dayAnd you, you can try your best ot fight itBut you can't make it on your ownSomeone better tell the people"
  • For Michael Collins,Jeffery and me - Jethro Tull
    "Watery eyes of the last sighing seconds, blue reflections mute and dim beckon tearful child of wonder to repentance of the sin. And the blind and lusty lovers of the great eternal lie go on believing nothing"
  • More And More - Victory
    "Well, I used to be so carefree Now all that has changed And you got a hold on me Well, I'm in chains And just your slave I'm under your control And locked inside your cage I feel no reaction coming I"
  • La Colline Des Roses - Indochine
    "La fin du jour dans cette ville Est trange Des passants passent en silence Dans les brumes de dcembre Un vent glacial souffle et domine Imprial On dirait qu'il y a des anges Sur la colline des roses Mais"
  • The Ideal Crash (Phil Vinall Mix) - dEUS
    "Stay by my side, it's over the ride isn't what I told you the painkiller-side of this night is to not look behind it's over I have been told about longing a feeling so old. it's dead. I must have been"
  • Brothers And Sisters (Phil Hartman Televangelist) - Gerry Beckley
    ""Brothers and sisters, I sense that somewhere out there one of our viewers has a pain... it's a severe pain in the... a kind of stiffness... in the neck. Viewer, place your hand on your television screen."
  • Something happened on the way to heaven - Phil Collins
    "We had a life, we had a love but you dont know what youve got till you lose it well that was then and this is now I want you back how many times can I say Im sorry I only wanted you as someone to love but"
  • Turn Some More Lights On - Roy Orbison
    "Turn some more, turn some more Turn some more lights on Turn some more, turn some more Turn some more lights on I came by your house last night I was feeling so blue We didn't have a date I was"
  • No More Songs - Phil Ochs
    "intro chords: DmCB flatA Em Hello, hello, hello C Is there anybody home? Em I've only called to say C D I'm sorry. Em The drums are in the dawn, G D and all the"

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