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  • Stay Away - Elvis Presley
    "Ten thousand miles even though I roam I can hear the call of the hills of home The canyons high and the valleys low Echo how can you stay away My dreams are there where the eagle flies Where the mountain"
  • Singing Tree - Elvis Presley
    "You're the one who beckoned the wind And fanned the flame when our love began So don't pretend you don't know me Our names are carved on you, singing tree Oh singing tree Sing to me Call your friend The"
  • Going Home - Elvis Presley
    "This proud wild land where the wind blows free Has always been a part of me It's in my blood, I just can't get it out For a hundred miles a man can see And be about as wild as he wants to be If he feels"
  • Double Trouble - Elvis Presley
    "Some guys fall in love with one girl, I gotta fall for two There's just so much lovin' that one heart's supposed to do So I go around with my heart draggin' on the ground Doggin' me around, I'm the sorriest"
  • Baby If You'll Give Me All Of Your Love - Elvis Presley
    "(words & music by joy byers) I'll send you red roses by the dozen I'll call you sweet little things like turtle dove I'll whisper pretty things in your ear The kinda things a girl likes to hear Baby, if"
  • It's Impossible - Elvis Presley
    "It's impossible to tell the sun to leave the sky, It's just impossible. It's impossible to ask a baby not to cry, It's just impossible. Can I hold you closer to me And not feel you going through me, But"
  • (That's What You Get) For Lovin' Me - Elvis Presley
    "(Words & music by Gordon Lightfoot) That's what you get for loving me That's what you get for loving me Everything we had is gone, you can see That's what you get for loving me Now don't you shed a tear"
  • Padre - Elvis Presley
    "The day that we wed You blessed us and said May heaven bestow you grace There in that holy place We shared our first embrace Our cottage was small but richer than all The palaces of the king All day the"
  • I'll Take You Home Again, Kathleen - Elvis Presley
    "I'll take you home again kathleen Across the ocean wild and wide To where your heart has ever been Since first you were my bonny bride The roses all have left your cheek I watch them fade away and die Your"
  • Find Out What's Happening - Elvis Presley
    "Baby you know me well You know I mean what I say Before I say farewell I'll give you just another day You'd better find out what's happening Find out what's happening before long, Oh yeah If you don't"

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