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puste miejsce przy stole mp3

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puste miejsce przy stole mp3
  • Kelly Rowland Stole (Real Version)
    "stolex3 oh He was always such a nice boy The quiet one With good intentions He looked out for his brother Respectful to his mother A good boy but good don't get attention One kid with a promise The brightest"
  • Devendra Banhart Surgery I Stole
    "Surgery I stole from you Surgery you stole from me Have believe in apathy Orange tree could be all a dream All that I have seen of him His money is such a lucky sin Your eyes see sweet but your mouth tastes"
  • Partners N Crime Stole The Ye
    "(feat. Drama Squad) Me and my nigga sellin' big yeah He keep the floor trunk tight Nigga stole a whole bird, yes it's goin' down tonight Prime get the AK, Menor get sweeper Call up the Drama Squad they"
  • Johnny Horton Mansion You Stole
    "The mansion I own has captured your heart You said it was love dear but you lied from the start I wanted true love but you wanted my gold Someday you'll be sorry for the lies that you told You've stolen"
  • Phish Dog stole things
    "Dog Stole things I needed badCats took what I never had.Pillows for my aching headA glass of milk next to my bed(Chorus 1)The creatures that seem oh so kindThen sleep all day and ease your mindat night"
  • One Direction Stole My Heart
    "Liam:The light shines It's getting hot on my shoulders I don't mind But this time it doesn't matter Cause your friends they look good and you look better Don't you know all night I've been waiting for"
  • New Life'M To miejsce da
    "muz. Lidia Pospieszalska sł. Robert Cudzich 1.Głosimy Jezusa moc nadchodzi Pan nasz i Bóg On Panem niebios i gwiazd to miejsce dał nam nasz Król 2. Głosimy Jezusa moc On Panem ziemi i mórz wznosimy dla"
  • Ashley Stove You Stole Something
    "You stole something that I can't put my finger on But I know it was you So don't come around trying to look so smooth You took something that I'm missing but I don't know what Could be a record or"
  • Seven Mary Three Things I Stole
    "Am I strong enough to keep my mouth shut tight, Something in this house won't let me sleep tonight, Sing one for tomorrow, one for the way we were, Am I man enough to say what I've done wrong, Something"
  • Mezzoforte Pozostoło takie miejsce
    "Sam już pozostałeś w mieście Zmęczony tramwaj zgasł A nocny stróż zamyka drzwi Znów przegadasz noc z latarnia Nie licząc co przyniesie świt Ref. A przecież pozostało takie miejsce Gdzie nikt przed tobą"

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