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second impact

  • Second Chance - Shinedown
    "My ass is open wide, by the way I made it through the day I watch the world outside, by the way I'm leaving out today I just saw Hayley's Comet, she waved Said, "Why are you always running in place? Even"
  • Second Hand - Colony 5
    "I always see you as my queen I could do everything for you to make you pleased I saw you as the most precious thing I could have I thought you were reflecting the same feelings I do for you But, I was"
  • Every Second - A Change Of Pace
    "Last drop of the bottle fell out Reluctant not to crash Enter fading lights From top of the stage Set in broken glass And all these tears and pain Silent but screaming Out every name that we've ever loved And"
  • Second time - Perry Como
    "It's the second time I know I've seen you here before It's no coincidence I'm sure that once again my spirits soar and the second time is always harder than the first forgetting lines that I rehearsed,"
  • Split Second - Lisa Loeb
    "i did not want to be stuck one second longer than i had to be there, stuck inside the door. i'm always scared i'll slam my fingers in the door because the last time that i left i slammed my fingers in"
  • One Second - Sarah Bettens
    "When something dies Or comes to life When water shines in yellow light When something moves Inside a tree I wish you saw things just like me When I walk around Lost and found And I feel my feet as they"
  • Second Chance - Tristan Prettyman
    "I've thrown away the postcards And all the pictures I had kept I didn't even burn them I didn't think you deserve that much respect How does it feel to be cut off? I lock the door and throw away the key Letting"
  • Second Honeymoon - Johnny Cash
    "Second Honeymoon I walked up to the desk and asked the man about a room I asked about the bridal suite, I told him I'm the groom Then I took the elevator to the floor I was assigned I fumbled with the"
  • Second Nature - Destiny's Child
    "Why does love always seem so very hard It's such a struggle to win the reward Because I'm playin' with the wrong cards But I think I got the winnin' hands There's something different about you babe That"
  • Second Glance - Colby O'Donis
    "I had to try make you my girl 'til you told me not to Cause I might lose you from my World but I didn't wanna lose a chance With a second glance, we'll be More than friends and then it'll Be just... I"

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