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selena gomez -come getit

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selena gomez -come getit
  • Gomez Do's And Don'ts
    "There's a dog in the water A dog in the water Well we can do what we wanna We'll never get older Got to do what you wanna You'll never get older The flag's in the water The flag's in the water"
  • Gomez Ping One Down
    "We'll return to the ocean Ride the tide again Taste the water, jump right in And try to swim So ping one down (How you gonna make your way outta there?) Let it settle (How you gonna make your way"
  • Gomez Sound Of Sounds
    "Do you ever stop and wonder Where you'd be without her? You listened, you listened, you listened To what she said to you The sound of sounds enlightening The whisper, the promise, the solace Of where"
  • Gomez Get Myself Arrested
    "I wear the same shoes as everyone I got the same blues as everyone So try and call me, I'm immobile man Yes I am Got a haircut, got a silver tooth Gonna get myself arrested Got some friends in my"
  • Gomez These 3 Sins
    "These 3 sins have finally found me: Lust, Ambition and Greed Creepin' in the back door, they came without warning, they burned whatever they could steal they burned whatever they could steal So please"
  • Gomez Make No Sound
    "He's fine, don't make no sound, he's fine She's fine, but been around Said to her, there's beauty, but all she sees is pain He's fine, don't be unkind, he's fine She's fine, but wasting time Said"
  • Gomez Whippin' Piccadilly
    "Once upon a time, not too long ago, we took a day out in Manchester We all fall down, there's not enough hours in the day Played a bit of football, fell into the union Barged our way into the toilet"
  • Gomez Silence
    "I've been caught in a trap I set for myself I don't want to be here when you could be somewhere else So why'd I sit on my hands like a book on a shelf Where only dust is falling? Everyone 'round here lives"
  • Gomez Army Dub
    "From the bed to the car Let us stick to you now and then Move on, move on Out of school, into home Let us swallow you whole Or just hold on, hold on We were close Army dub Not as quick as you run, you"
  • Gomez Miles End
    "(One, two, three, four...) Chinese symbols on his robe Never gonna match up with that smile He's wearing mostly black and gold It's been twelve days The longest for a while He's been fortunate He can't"

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