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smutny freestyle

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smutny freestyle
  • Lloyd Banks Clips(Freestyle)
    "I know the one nigga two nigga three niggaz think they can see me but i could name my compotion on my pink the rookie of the year so dont come at me you looking at the quickest way to fuck up your"
  • Lloyd Banks Victory Freestyle
    "50 Cent) Yo, yo we can't stay alive forever So if shit hit the fan then we might as well die together I'm high as ever, more hoes and more chedda G-Unit move around with them pounds and barreta's Yea faggot,"
  • Lloyd Banks Breathe Freestyle
    "Your boy sick So move or the germ might touch ya I'm at the rucker, burning them trees up like Usher When I teach you how to rap fam I'm in that black van Like Air Ones and Canaries the size of Pacman"
  • Lloyd Banks Freestyle 2
    "G-unit is my click we still smack a chick every girl on our block tryin to get some of this dick all i could say is just chill, cause when them hammas come a round' we gon' be keepin it reel cant nobody"
  • Lil' Kim Kim Freestyle
    "Mmm, mmm-mmm Check it out, the Queen Bee That's me My man Flex, he's up next Yeah, check it out Hey, yo Flex There's a lot of muf**kers out here that wanna be like us... real bad But we got to show them"
  • Eminem Untitled Freestyle
    "Faded voice - F**k yeah... Eminem: YEAHH! LLoyd Banks: Oh shit, its the Evil Genius Eminem: Green Lantern LLoyd Banks: Yea... Hey yo Em, what do we call this shit right here? Eminem: The Invasion LLoyd"
  • Eminem Freestyle I
    "Im driven to write given the mic livin the life that u livin at night just to live in the light and deliver delight and slither the slight sight of the life that ain't right into your mind meant to remind u"
  • Eminem Freestyle V
    "I don't figure this rap shit out I map shit out strategically Timing is everything and it seems to be the key To my success That has worked for me repeatedly THE EVIL GENIUS! Got the beat to beat"
  • Raekwon Run (Freestyle)
    "Son! Come on, man Leave them Phillies, man, we out, man, let's go, man... I skated through the back of the building, hit the steps up Ran up in Kay crib, lay daddy rest I had to break free, police on"
  • Kool Keith Octo Freestyle
    "Kool Keith in the house.. Y'all on that Enquirer, Crispin Judd, Ben Affleck bling I don't care about all that new band on the Spin cover Can't sing, ukelele figures Watch it MTV, let's get funky Who added"

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