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  • The Dead Man And His Stepson - Warcloud
    "Artist: Holocaust Album: Smugglin' Booze in the Graveyard Song: The Dead Man and His Stepson Typed by: Knowledge God (Intro: Holocaust) Holocaust was hit by a meteorite He is now to be addressed as"
  • Who The Kings Be - Uncrownd Royalty
    "(Verse 1 Derty) Every mothafuckin day, I hear talkin, by night, you'll feel it in the air like Phil Collins. Any other emcee, Im their target, but im hard to kill, my cd stuck on their fingers like nail"
  • Major League - Defari
    "Don't front So many claim the fame, but never see the day When lyrically they could even run, in the triple-a's This here's the major leagues, where big hits are guaranteed The ken griffey turbo 850 professional"
  • Gotta Get It - Kardinal Offishall
    "INTRO (Kardinal Offishall) It's a Kardi Kardi party, what! What, yeah Yo this be the Kardi Kardi party, what! (Saukrates) Anybody coming through here, gotta expect The hottest, hottest, hottest hottest The"
  • Flow Easy - John Cena
    "First and foremost... Flow easy, yo easy Yo, yo, for the hood (for the hood) Everybody flow easy, ha ha, so easy Yo, listen For the corrupt mob, John Cena, Trademarc, listen I embarrass MC's who touch"
  • Boy's Bathroom - Petey Pablo
    "Psssst Hey I bet you thought the record was over didnt you? Put one in there like you did for me last time. My country ass. COME ON Meet me in the boy's bathroom (come on) Meet me in the boy's bathroom"
  • Fuck wit dre day - Snoop Dogg
    "Yeah, hell yeah, knowhatI'msayin, yeah Verse One: Dre Mista Busta, where the fuck ya at? Can't scrap a lick, so I know ya got your gat Your dick on hard, from fuckin your road dogs The hood you threw up"
  • Dope Boys - The Game ft. Travis Barker
    "Yeah... Comin' fresh out that Pyrex pot, Black Air Force 2's and the White Sox... Fitted on my forehead, try me, go head. I'll bring out the polka dots, put Guame on your forehead. Yeah, it's the"
  • Put That On Something - Kurupt
    "(feat. Freeze) When the acid rain falls Your frame falls I'll make your chains spark the lead, the chainsaws I'm not captivated And I'm not captive Free as a bird to fly out on Perv Ain't here for"
  • My Life - The Game
    "Punk ass motherfucka! Bitch ass nigga! What were you gonna do? Kill me in my sleep you bitch ass nigga? Tupac, Biggie shut the fuck up! Fucking dogs, they barking shit... Don't shoot me! Don't shoot me! Fuck"

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