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stereophonics grap

  • I'm only sleeping - Stereophonics
    "When I wake up early in the morning,I lift my head, I'm still yawning,When I'm in the middle of a dream,Stay in bed, float up stream (float up stream),Please, don't wake me, no, don't shake me,Leave me"
  • In my day - Stereophonics
    "Old sailor walks my way Sipped his pint and told me about his day Hey Hey Said 'son times have changed Nothing ever seems to stay the same' Hey Hey You got your wide screen sets, dead cert bets, Wine and"
  • Is yesterday, tommorow, today - Stereophonics
    "It's another way to get through the day picking up ripped cigarette boxes hoping that one remains yellow lucky day suck deep and bathe for the next ten minutes spent coughing all the pleasures craved write"
  • Lady Luck - Stereophonics
    "We're falling now, can't make it stopOur arms are open for the thing we wantBut what we want just can't haveWhat could've been but the timing's badDon't cry cry baby nowYou're my my Lady LuckWe follow"
  • Last of the bigtime drinkers - Stereophonics
    "Ten minutes flat after the day at the factory.I'm drinking like a dog in the sun,I don't need to eat, or sleep a wink at the weekend.Just rot my gutsAnd I can't wait for my next drink.The first one is"
  • Live forever - Stereophonics
    "Maybe I don't really want to know,How your garden grows,'Cause I just wanna fly,Lately did you ever feel the pain?In the morning rain?As it soaks you to the bone,Maybe I just want to fly,Wanna live, I"
  • Long way round - Stereophonics
    "Remember me my love, I'm the one you're dreaming of.Going for a ride, I'll keep you warm inside.I'm Gonna roll up the sidewalk, I'm gonna tear up the ground.Comin' round to meet you, The long way round.Bah,"
  • Longer - Stereophonics
    "They're calling out come on lets go but i'm miles away to a year before laughs from a glass drank to the past on the old green seat like velvet to the hand think i'd like to stay a minute longer would"
  • Maritim belle vue in kiel - Stereophonics
    "I arrive in a taxi, a Mercedes Benz,I was driving along, alone, with no friends,Jumped into the Maritim Belle Vue In Kiel,You woke and you said, she said "how do you feel?",I feel fine, so I'm signing"
  • More life in a tramps vest - Stereophonics
    "I get camping eys in the final hour last minute shoppers picking cauliflower the fuss they make you'd swear they were buying a car always moan moan it's not so cheap cheaper still cheaper still down the"

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