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sweet dring

  • Sweet Baby - Prince
    "Close your eyes, sweet baby Now don't u cry Everybody gets their heart broke Sweet baby, sometime So he left u for another fool Yes, a fool 4 lovin' him from the start Ask yourself what's more important Him"
  • Sweet 69 - Babes In Toyland
    "I live it high cost of livin' tell me why give it all. Inside you gotta head high one size fits all Head ride, you decide Sweet, sweet ride. Sweet sweet ride. 1969 I live it why ya gotta limit, crossed"
  • Sweet Inspiration - Vonda Shepard
    "I need your sweet inspiration I need you here on my mind Every hour of the day Without your sweet inspiration The lonely hours of the night Just don't go my way A woman in love Needs sweet inspiration Yeah,"
  • Sweet Sue - The Coral
    "Sweet Sue Things you making me do Sweet sweet Sue Can't get enough of you Sweet Sue We're not gonna be true Sweet sweet Sue Why you're leaving me blue Know a little girl like that Sgonna break my heart Sgonna"
  • Sweet Things - DJ Tiesto
    "Build me a bridge, burn me a fire Rest something in my empty hands Fear it with light, fear me tonight A figure that you would understand Up until dawn Sweat on your palms Feeling you poor me in and in Under"
  • Sweet Hallelujah - Hawksley Workman
    "This is just a prayer for those who need one. There's a little church i know in the dale. Where they sing a song so sweet, to my saviour who is calling me Sweet, sweet, I just have to breathe hallelujah,"
  • Sweet Promises - Charley Pride
    "(Promises sweet promises promises sweet promises) Sweet promises sweet promises that's all I've had from you But a promise is as a promise does and yours never did come true You've promised me the moon"
  • Sweet inspiration - Supremes
    "I need your sweet, sweet inspirationI need you here on my mind every hour of the dayWithout your sweet, sweet inspirationThe lonely hours of the day just don't go my way.A woman in love needs sweet inspirationAnd"
  • Sweet Surrender - Rod Stewart
    "(Stewart, Le Mesurier) You come to me with open arms trying to rectify my charms You say tonight I'm to be your lover and by the morning light I'm to discover everything that you've held inside of you What's"
  • Sweet Inspiration - The Temptations
    "SWEET INSPIRATION WITH THE SUPREMES WRITERS DAN PENN, SPOONER OLDHAM I need your sweet, sweet inspiration I need you here on my mind every hour of the day Without your sweet, sweet inspiration The lonely"

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