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the cab diamonds are forever

  • Forever - Jaheim
    "Forever the love I have for you will last forever Loving you always Forever my love for you won't change Cause loving you is the best thing I can do Looking back on the times before You cared My life"
  • Forever - Olga Przybysz
    "Here I am all alone getting to know you getting to know you empty hands at the break autumn lying before you whatever you do whatever you say it’s over one lie on love forever whatever you are whatever"
  • Forever - Vertical Horizon
    "Take these roses off of me Let me live, let me be for a little while Let my eyes see everything and nothing in their time I do not mind Who'd have guessed I'd ever learn To let the walls around"
  • Forever - Sugababes
    "Sometimes I feel I wanna fly away With you my darling I just wanna stay With you I look forward to better days To be forever with you I'm looking out upon a summers day I pray to God it will remain this"
  • Forever - Nevermore
    ""What has been put asunder shall again be whole" In this neon black gloom I still see her face She comes to me bringing darkest hour, I am forlorn The pain is reborn You are forever in my heart you never"
  • Forever - Angelina
    "1 Verse: I never met a person quite like you Someone that makes me feel loved I wanna be the one that you are thinking of The one that brightens your day Because there's nobody else That can do the things"
  • Forever - Freddie Foxxx
    "Hey baby My name is Foxxx Yeah I see you standin over there in the corner lookin all smooth Short lil' cutie Hey, check this out How 'bout we break the scene, you know? Do it my way Comin? Cool You're"
  • Forever - Rick Springfield
    "Bess:Baby I'm sadI feel you inside every timeI breatheWhen I kissed your mouth You made me feel strong. You were my life from that first kissI knew you better than I knew myselfBut I thought we had Forever,"
  • Forever - Westlife
    "I'll be loving you forever, Deep inside my heart you'll leave me never, Even if you took my heart, And tore it apart, I would love you still, forever, You are the sun, You are my light, And you're the"
  • Forever - Iron Maiden
    "I will tell you that am feeling inside, I could lie for me, but that I feel is true No there is as denying when I look in their eyes, Girl, I lose my head to their side And I lived so much time believing"

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