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  • Sick Of Change Thoughts That Defile
    "Our eyes fall on dangerous ground. Never noticing that each thought could cause us to drown. What we see is trapped inside of our hearts!! The densitization of our minds causes us to believe that lust"
  • Anekdoten Thoughts In Absence
    "face my fears, my soul is absorbed into black dry my tears, fear and pain is what I lack broken, torn I live with my light-eye drowned ease and calm you give, but life begins and ends with pain my time"
  • Colosseum II On Second Thoughts
    "The waves coming in, Sweeping up on the shore. Bringing back the time When our love was here before. Clouds sinking down, The hills are turning black. I've seen it all before, Think I'll make my way back. Once"
  • Funeral Thoughts Of Tranquillity
    "This terrible writhe I rot away Oh, hear my prayer My soul is trying to slip away I...I die Pray for my soul All hope is gone Agony, please set me free Remove this pain from me Let me be Oh, my god Eternity"
  • Frank Bakken Old Man's Thoughts
    "I am looking in the mirror an old man looking back at me the years they went so fast Ill never get them back Memories are all thats left for me good and bad I keep them in my heart Oh cant you see my"
  • Halo Half Formed Thoughts
    "I break through your skin A hole enough to let me in I ride, through your veins And try to make it to your brain These things sound appealing to me So what are you doing to me For all this I love you"
  • Fusion Labyrinth of thoughts
    "Where is my wayAnd what is my aimIs there a missionThats calls my nameWhat is allowedAnd what is notAnd who affects itIs it youor your god?Labyrinth of thoughtsNo perceptionsNo return...What is wrongAnd"
  • Garret 1.000 Thoughts
    "Grabbed a spoon, stirred my tea And had a brief moment with all around Before the light changed Before the voices followed sound into the deepest sea Now that colors and all the shadows Arent any different"
  • Willie Nelson Penny For Your Thoughts
    "Memories are haunting you and they're making you feel blue Darling a penny for your thoughts Are you thinking of the past and a love that didn't last Darling a penny for your thoughts And it hurts me so"
  • Lynn Anderson Penny For Your Thoughts
    "While walking by your side along the way I spite a tiny cup of penny on the ground Because your thoughts that day seemed oh so far away I handed you the penny I had found A penny for your thoughts a penny"

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