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where to begin i know we go crazy by shout that's name

  • When I Shout (Whispers) - Lady Sovereign
    "I'm about to go cheesy I don't give a shit Cause every word I spit, well I mean it I've got a long nose that pulls my pack but still I know you're feeling it Who me, your love? Don't talk Cause I make"
  • Where do we go wrong - Patrice
    "As human different ways that what we feel today When we see the children play they`re not afraid of anything They know something Are you feelin what I say in my very different way I am so afraid oh yeah"
  • Where Did We Go Wrong - Diana Ross
    "(R. Miller/T. Baird) Where did we go wrong I thought that we were supposed to make it Where did we go wrong How could life give us love, then take it away Alone again today Remembering when We were"
  • Where Did We Go Wrong - Incognito
    "(J.P. Maunick/R. Bull) It wasn't my intention to cause you this pain But here we are, a bridge too far I've left you here to wonder if it all was a game How can it be, these changes in me Nothing lasts"
  • Shout Out To Lost Boyz - Canibus
    "Yeah, DJ Clue, Desert Storm, all up in ya area with the LB Fam, Love Peace and Nappiness A little sample, but first.. My man Canibus, gon' rip shit down, ha ha Yo, yo, YO Lost Boyz the Beasts from the"
  • Crazy By The Flesh - Flesh-N-Bone
    "Chorus: Made by the, ah, flesh (flesh, flesh, flesh, flesh) (the flesh, the flesh) (flesh-n-bone) Slowly, slowly, seep inside you, open up wide Deep in your mental, flesh'll get you mesmerized Must i"
  • Crazy - Ne-Yo
    "(Featuring [ ]) (Jay-Z) And Ne-yo is like young Michael, I'm Quincy hoe Now hear the flow that broke the Da Vinci code I'm psycho Everything i wrote go Together so nice Like a wedding make you wanna throw"
  • Crazy - The Georgia Satellites
    "your drivin' me crazy crazy as the night is long and I would ride off east into the setting sun if you said that's where I belong baby I'd go to Rawalpindi I'd go to Istanbul I'd be your camel driver baby"
  • That's - Gilbert O'Sullivan
    "That's Oh! come now boys don't give me thatI've had it all beforeIf not inside my overcoat hanging outside my doorA silver plaque in prussian blueBears these few words uponDon't ever say that that's okayCos"
  • Crazy - Candy Girl
    "It?s getting late Your time is up I?m really bored little sad What happened with world which I just knew We all wants to something Even if there?s no way to get it I don?t care I believe in my life will"

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