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wiła wianki bayer full

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wiła wianki bayer full
  • Killarmy Full Moon
    "When I came to you there on that cold telephone pole horror of the night and you came out to meet me and then tell me things and sit down on the porch swings <9th Prince> Congratulations you coming home"
  • Cheyenne Kimball Full Circle
    "Take everything out just put it back, right where we found it, you, your hands in your jeans, were you waiting for me? cause that's how I found you. Every word seemed to roll off your tounge, like"
  • Craig David Full Crew
    "Artist : Craig David Song : Fill Me In (Part 2) Album : Submitted by : Shifty Corrected by : Intro Say we do it again do it again come on Craig David ooh yeah Come on baby Chorus Fill me in Let"
  • Orange Range Full throttle
    "Yo Hey HoOto e Ride on yureru Japon ikuzoYo mada mada sawagitari nee zo Nippon rettouShingenchi wa From ryuukyuuNanbou yori kono ba ni sanjyou agero atama kara wakasu icchouMada mada sawagitarin Nippon"
  • War of Words Full Circle
    "now order is restored by the ones dissatisfied with the order from before civilization is such a chore so we saw the end of war but just the end for now if we've learned anything before it's such a bore who"
  • Rentrer en Soi Full moon
    "esoragoto no you ame ni utarete michiru tsukiakarikawaranai deyudaneteiruima mo sotto saigetsu wa nagarekigi wa zawameite yuugure wo tsugetaitsu made mo ukanderu yuuutsu watoki ni idakareta mama deakareta"
  • Sonata Arctica Full moon
    "Sitting in a corner all alone, staring from the bottom of his soul, watching the night come in from the window, window It'll all collapse tonight, the fullmoon is here again In sickness and in health,"
  • Limp Bizkit Full Nelson
    "why is everybody always pickin' on me? does anybody really know a thing about me? but one of these days we'll be in the same place in the same place punk, at the very same time yeah, but when it takes"
  • Cats On Trees Full Colours
    "There are some situations Sometimes you have to face yourself And focus on a new bay You have to draw some new lines And paint until the end A white page for a new day The colours are the rhymes You sing"
  • Lemon Full Moon
    "śniła jej się ze zwariowałem chodziłem w łachmanach opiętych kaftanem i ledwo stałem wszystko się zgadza, wykrzyczałem zrozumiał nagle o czym i czym ten świat nasz jest sekret jej przekazałem opowiadać"

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