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yee yee way

  • Blackberry Way - The Move
    "Blackberry way absolutely pouring down with rain, It's a terrible day. Up with the lark, silly girl I don't know what to say, She was running away. But now I'm standing on the corner, Lost in the things"
  • Weaving Way - Michelle Shocked
    "You had a little drink Your friends have all gone Leaving you to find your weaving way home What more can I do? There's a chance that I may Have to stand back and watch you find Your own weaving way It's"
  • Your Way - B5
    "Uh Uh Uh Uh Uh You can feel it when the beat come on B5, blow the speakers out ya jeep whateva street you on Keep the haters jealous that's fo' sho' Who you know keep the girls screaming backstage asking"
  • My way - Hilary Duff
    "Its my wayYou gotta see to the top and if ya don'tYou'll fall down,Nobodys' there to help you up And you want me to love you againIt ain't gonna happen again,No way no wayAll this timeYou're feeling my"
  • Way Out - Stephanie Dosen
    "Morning seagulls are calling Our curtains play in the wind Oh, this will be so different I won't leave and you won't have to fade away Sleeping a little while longer We're safe and warm and we're gonna"
  • Ocean's Way - Leaves' Eyes
    "The way of the ocean Touch my heart like fire. I cannot control you, You have deeper layers. You're alive and you're wild, When you're nearer to me I lean forward to touch you, But you surprised me. When"
  • My way - Vir
    "My way Monopolizing truths of life You sey My world collapsing brings me down I feel so I am so So down Seems like its time my in life to give in Should I let go all the things I believe My way"
  • My Way - Gil
    "I can't stop thinking how my future is going to be For this particular reason if there will be someone for me There's no explanation why friends in life come and go My deep emotion - I don't want them"
  • Delicious Way - Mai Kuraki
    "Nami ga oshiyosete hikari ni yureru gogo Iyana koto wa suna no naka ni umete Kizutsuita mama yumemiru koto naku Otona ni naru no wa tsurai suashi dekaketeku ima Oh Delicious Way Natsu no kaze wo kanjite"
  • Solitary Way - Wishing Chair
    "Solitary way Don't leave me lonely Won't you walk through my door So I don't have to play This solitary way The stars are out tonight But things don't seem right All the planes and satellites Masquerade They"

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