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  • Nacho Mama - Joe Ely
    "The doors flew back and in they came A tough bunch of cowboys, thirsty They said to the waitress, "Honey what's your name?" "And Mama, won'cha bring us whiskey?" The waitress froze"
  • Don't You Know - Dusty Springfield
    "(Ray Charles) Yeah Don't you know, baby? Hey child, don't you know? Don't you know, baby? Little boy, little boy, don't you know? Don't you know, baby? Boy, I'm in love with you so Turn your oil lamp"
  • Aladdin - No Doubt
    "Aladdin was a lad who walked the sand He found a lamp on the beach He shined it up and in a cloudy mist A genie granted him 3 wish Now I've been cooped up in this lamp for 3 million years If you let me"
  • Come Home - King Diamond
    ""grandma'? " "i knew it was you at the door, I saw You from the window. now come Inside my dear. it's good to see you Again, despite what you did to my Throat. "they" are waiting"
  • The Curtain - Phish
    "As he saw his life run away from him Thousands ran along Chanting words from a ****"PSALM"**** "Please me have no regrets" "Please me have no regrets" Came from the baby's"
  • Dear John - John Prine
    "(vocals by john prine) When I woke up this morning There was a note upon my door Saying " don't make me no coffee, babe Cause I won't be back no more" And that's all she wrote "dear john","
  • Hunger - Gary Numan
    "Tell you a story 'Bout a friend of mine Woke up in this room Looked like... black and white movies No light And someone strange in the bed She said "You could be here forever" "Can you"
  • Absolutely Positively....Practical Jokes - MC Lyte
    "I play practical jokes, just to get a laugh (ha hah) I put roaches in my neighbor's bubblebath But anyway one day she called upon me She said, "Lyte - it's an emergency!" My next door neighbor"
  • Lamplighting Time In The Valley - Marty Robbins
    "There's a lamp shining bright in a cabin In a window it's shinin' for me And I know that my mother is prayin' For the boy she is longing to see When it's lamplighting time I can see her As she rocks in"
  • Please Don't Go - John Lee Hooker
    "(Muddy Waters) Baby please don't go Baby please don't go Baby please don't go back to New Orleans Because I love you so Turn your lamp down low Turn your lamp down low Turn your lamp down low, my heart"

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