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50 Cent - Straight To The Bank

  • How To Rob An Industry - 50 Cent
    "You know who this is boi 4 real The art of getting robbed This is how we do Brooklyn style boi you know what I'm sayin? [50 Cent] R.I.P B.I.G, R.I.P P-A-C, R.I.P niggas that wanna OD Aiyyo the bottom"
  • The World Bank - Aus Rotten
    "Third world is plagued by poverty and the world bank is the cause An instrument of transnational companies to overule domestic laws Serving merely as a weapon for american foreign policy leverage Starvation"
  • I'm Supposed To Die 2nite - 50 Cent
    "50 Cent] Ah-ha man! Ay you know where them niggaz be at right? {*click-clack*} Take me to 'em All through the hood I keep hearin niggaz sayin - I'm supposed to die tonight Niggaz done put a hit out"
  • The opposite bank - Rotting Christ
    "A deadly song is coming meet the sound of waves the blind wizard stands on the highest rock remembers all that's seen and makes pessimistic prophecies these are his latest hours in the mortal world atheron"
  • 999 Pa Cent - Jeru The Damaja
    "You wanna front WHAT??Jump up and get bucked The original, Dirty Rotten's fuckin shit up Empty your clip of lyrics, in your chest and gut All punks play the floor, it's raw and hardcore Hotter than a meteor,"
  • Take That To The Bank - Shalamar
    "Take that to the bank Take that to the bank A long time we stayed together Been through the roughest weather, you and I Still rich with love We never had to borrow And baby, only we know why Im so glad"
  • Drop and Gimme 50 - Mike Jones feat. Hurricane Chris
    "Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh colli park Who... Mike Jones Who... Mike Jones Smurf You did the fool with this one baby Aaaaa I got hurricane chris (say girl, say girl) And right now (say girl, say girl) we want all"
  • 11 Cent Solution - No Assembly Required
    "it was a friend, who's life you end now its your time to lay down bullet to head, now you're dead put em to bed, you're dead now 11, 11, 11 cent solution you were once here, now you fear here comes the"
  • Ten Cent Wings - Jonatha Brooke
    "If I knew what I was after, I'd remember where I'd been If I was sure of something better, I'd go, I'd go But I am just another picture, and I watch myself like you I imagine what you're thinking, I know,"
  • How to Rob and industry nigga - 50 Cent
    "The art of getting robbedThis is how we do Brooklyn style boy you know what I'm sayin?[50 Cent]R.I.P B.I.G, R.I.P P-A-C, R.I.P niggas that wanna ODAiyyo the bottom line is I'ma crook with a dealIf my record"

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