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Adrian Trojanowski

  • Indiscipline - Adrian Belew
    ""i do remember one took hours and hours, And by the time I was done with it I was so involved I didn't know what to think... I carried it around with me for days and days, Playing little"
  • Inner Garden - Adrian Belew
    "Autumn has come to rest In her garden Come to paint the trees with emptiness And no pardon So many things have come undone Like the leaves on the ground And suddenly she begins to cry But she doesn't know"
  • Life In A Nutshell - Adrian Belew
    "Nearly everything I wanted Everything I ever could have dreamed of Got it all right here, oh, in a house full of love Nearly everything I thought, everything I thought I might try Almost all came true,"
  • Man With An Open Heart - Adrian Belew
    "She wouldn't need to be a bird without a wing Or be a servant to a telephone ring She could be sleeping in the comfort of another bed It wouldn't matter to a man with an open heart Here comes right now She"
  • Meet Me In The Dark - Adrian Belew
    "When the sun comes up In the nuclear sky And the life we had Has blown up and died We will shed no tear, We will skip no beat And we will walk right down The middle of the street So let the power fail Let"
  • Model Man - Adrian Belew
    "Look at the signs Look at the symptoms Look at the slight Calm before the storm I feel the silence I feel the signals I feel the strain Tension in my head Well, what more can be said Not a model man Not"
  • Mr. Bonaparte - Adrian Belew
    "how did you get it in your head, mr. bonaparte that everything you did and said would amount to law and all of the players and pieces on the map you drew should be happy to revolve their lives around"
  • Neal & Jack & Me - Adrian Belew
    "I'm wheels, I am moving wheels I am a 1952 studebaker coupe I'm wheels, I am moving wheels, moving wheels I am a 1952 starlite coupe En route Les subterraneans Des visions du cody Sartori a paris Strange"
  • Neurotica - Adrian Belew
    ""good morning, it's 3 a.m. in this great roaring city full of garbage eaters ravaging parking spots beneath my plaza window...i see cheetah in their tight skins and tired heels, all-night h In the"
  • Nobody's Fool - Adrian Belew
    "(belew/fetters) Money to burn, I'm on fire Danger danger, I'm hot-wired I'm in the business of pleasure A big demand for leisure I'll have my drink at the pool I'm nobody's fool Roll me over, roll me"

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