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All you need is love the beatles

  • In My Life (The Beatles - Cover) - Ozzy Osbourne
    "There are places I remember All my life though some have changed Some forever not for better Some have gone and some remain All these places have their moments With lovers and friends I still can recall Some"
  • Love Is All - The Rapture
    "The Rapture (Love is all) Love is all my crippled soul will ever need. Love is all my crippled soul will ever need. It's ok to feel this way, It's ok- It doesn't matter anyway. Love is all my crippled"
  • All I Need Is You-Guy Sebastian - Guy Sebastian
    "Your all Your All that i need x2 I remember in the day Being all so independent I remember how i'd say I could never fall i was cynical Funny now im in the daze Since you came into my life Now ill"
  • Love Is What We Need - Ann Nesby
    "Anytime you need me Anytime want me Call me, just call me, yeah, yeah Love is what you need Anytime you need me I got love, yeah Hey, love is what we need I got love, real love Anytime you need my love All"
  • All I Need Is The Girl - Harry Connick Jr.
    "Got my tweed pressed Got my best vest All I need now is the girl Got my striped tie Got my hopes high Oh, I've got the time and the place and the rhythm All I need's the girl to go with 'em If she'll"
  • I Need You - The Beatles
    "You don't realize how much I need you. Love you all the time, Never leave you. Please come on back to me. I'm lonely as can be. I need you. Said you had a thing or two To tell me. How was I to know you"
  • All i need - 3LW
    "I, I wanna love ya I, I wanna love ya Baby ever since I found you seem's like Every day I've been happy Said the way that you love me turns me out I can feel my heart beat Seem's like lately I've been"
  • All I Need - Get Far
    "By the lookin' your eyes I'm reading your mind I know that you're seeking for a love divine.. Someone you've never had the chance to know.. Someone who cares and keeps your real thoughts.. I'm losing my"
  • All I Need - Natalise
    "You are the air that i breathe You are the wind beneath my wings You are a letter that speaks of true love and honesty It's written on stones so I know that your love is all I need Chorus: You are all(all)"
  • All I Need - Trent Monk
    "All I want and all I need You hold all these things In Your hands (oh Lord, yeah) I can wish I may and wish I might But I won't find it in the stars tonight It's in Your hands (oh Lord) So all I want"

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