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Angka pengeluaran fajar pakong lama 12 desember 2018

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Angka pengeluaran fajar pakong lama 12 desember 2018
  • Jason Derulo Colors (Hymn MŚ w Piłce Nożnej 2018)
    "what a feeling look what we’ve overcome I’m gonna wave a wave my flag and count all the reasons we are the champions there ain’t no turning, turning back saying Oh, can you taste the feeling, feeling saying Oh,"
  • Melanie Martinez K-12 (REVERSED)
    "K-12 (REVERSED)"
  • Webbie ft. Mouse Six 12's
    "I ride down ya street u can hear me in ya den. Shakin niggas walls when I put it past 10 G- S**t, I ain't even gotta rap in em I Like to play tha songs with alotta slap in em The amp turned up so it sound"
  • Bedouin Soundclash 12:59 Lullaby
    "It's silent in the early morning The only sound is my breathing As I lay awake not knowing Where it will be I'm going. But I know, time moves slow At 12:59, I sing lullaby And if you want me to sing you"
  • Kim Stockwood 12 Years Old
    "I just can't stand the way i feel I just can't wait until tomorrow comes So if you can see my face again You'll have to be the one to let me know chorus Cuz I feel like I'm 12 years old And I feel like"
  • Bruce Robison 12 Bar blues
    "Well, I woke at 11 to the ring of the phone Was my baby just callin' let me know she's gone There's nothin' left to say She said I had it with you honey and I'm movin' away I get the feelin' it's just"
  • Paul Brandt 12 Step Recovery
    "You walked out and my world caved in I couldn't get back on my feet again I tried self-help books, even meditation Searched the want-ads out of desperation The classified said, "Attention Broken Hearts Meet"
  • Jewel V-12 Cadillac
    "He's lonely and he cruises real low That's my V-12 Cadillac You know he's on the go On down to the ocean Surfboard by my side He's my V-12 Cadillac With delux power glide I check the ocean,"
  • Kj-52 12 Round Knockout
    "Chorus: Yo, its a 12 round knockout Yo, its a 12 round knockout Yo, its a 12 round knockout I'm going on 12 rounds and I'm never gonna drop out (repeat) Yo, I keep my eyes focused 'cuz time is ticking"
  • Quindon Tarver V 12 Cadillac
    "Hes Lonely and He Cruises Real Low Thats My V-12 Cadillac, You Know Hes On the Go On Down to the Ocean, Oh, Surfboard By My Side Hes My V-12 Cadillac With Delux Power Glide I Check the Ocean, Yeah,"

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