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Baez Joan - The Dream Song

  • Dream On - Natalie Durham
    "Lay your head down on the pillow, please rest your eyes, ill sing a song of morning glory- where everything is alright. when you wake I will not be here, won't you be kind.. just one word I'll be at"
  • The patriot's dream - Gordon Lightfoot
    "The songs of the wars are as old as the hillsThey cling like the rust on the cold steel that killsThey tell of the boys who went down to the tracksIn a patriotic manner with the cold steel on their backsThe"
  • Dream Operator - Talking Heads
    "When you were little You dreamed you were big You must have been something A real tiny kid You wish you were me I wish I was you Now don't you wake up The dream will come true Every dream has a name And"
  • My Dream - Polopop
    "Close your eyes Give in to my dream Cling to the song of your senses Drift from your mind Let tethers unwind Release as your body tenses Slip from my hold Feel cold, don't regret it Sip from my soul So"
  • Tambourine Dream - Lita Ford
    "Sail away, my crystal ship 'Cross the diamond sea Hear the sweet song of a morning star On a distant tambourine I could hear a heart of thunder Callin' me from across the lonely sea tonight The spell"
  • The Celluloid Dream - A.F.I.
    "Oh Calling tears from deep inside, oh, you're so exquisite And in the mirror, all midnight eyes Oh, if I could remain, but it's just a visit All midnight eyes read vacancy Twisted Twisting To the lovely"
  • Dream On - Blues Traveler
    "Music & lyrics: john popper How can I stay awake when I know that my dreams will be of you These moments I spend with you in my slumber are much too few There are those who say that I spend too much time"
  • American Dream - August Burns Red
    "August Burns Red Messengers American Dream Suffocation. Suffocate with no room to breath. Forgive us for now is too late. This is not an American dream. This is no longer an American dream. Were trying"
  • Doretta's Dream - Sarah Brightman
    "Poor Doretta had her head up In the clouds all day, Muddled and sad starring starry eyed in a dream of love, Poor Doretta what in heaven will Become of her? Living on daydreams, Spinning her days out, Singing"
  • Dream - The Church
    "Washed into a sentimental gloom Loneliness about the Battle-clad Byzantium commands And these dark cards look nothing like my hand Lightning strikes a second time Songbird knows just when to die Emperor"

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