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  • So What - Eves Plum
    "In a web full of trouble and strife Trying hard to make sense of my life Why tell you why tell you what I know? I can sit all day long longing for someone new Or I can knock one back, then hit the sack,"
  • Say what - Madball
    "Say what you want to say-the same old thing. say what you want to play-the same old game. say what you want to say-i wont change. say what you want to say-just look my way. what you see is what you get."
  • What If - Olivia Newton-John
    "When no one seems to hear you, And you're longing to be heard, What if there was someone Who'd hang on every word? Before you remind me That this is the real world, Ask yourself: What if? And what"
  • What for - Camouflage
    "Tell me all what happens, in the name of God. All the misunderstandings, of the written word. The crusader stories, the killing, for the true faith, the persecution of the jews, all the unknown pain. What"
  • What For - Rooney
    "You don't know what's right anymore You think your love is just a score Are you too young or afraid to grow up? You can work this out if you both try It's hard to cheat but harder to lie Is this what you"
  • What If - Emilie Autumn
    "Here you sit in your high-backed chair Wonder how the view is from there I wouldn't know 'cause I like to sit Upon the floor, yeah upon the floor If you like we could play a game Let's pretend that we"
  • What If... - The Lightning Seeds
    "You've been away so long, what's wrong with us today We're running out of funny things to say Home, I'm almost glad you made it I never thought we'd see the day. What if now, after all What if everything"
  • What If - Cipher System
    "What if we wouldn't do those primary choices? What if we wouldn't do those things we do right now? Life can take a different way so easily Every choice we make Every step we take A constant fear of doing"
  • What Else - Accept
    "Heroes - keep dying Nations - dividing Principles - they're gone It's war Wallstreet - buy in politics Jesus - up for sale Do anything - for money I'm a whore What else - what's in it for me What else What"
  • What Now - Rihanna
    "I've been ignoring this big lump in my throat I shouldn't be crying Tears were for the weaker days, I'm stronger now Or so I say, but something's missing Whatever it is, it feels like it's laughing at"

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