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Bocoran buat malam ini angka main hk har944

  • The Main Street Wizards - Guided By Voices
    "The Main Street wizards How can you see them And stand up to them? And you make out all right And do you better To go and see them Pretend to be them It's true Can you exchange the past Nothing is made"
  • My Main Man Jimmy - 50 Cent
    "yo this is for my main man jimmy (chorus) My main man jimmyjimmy he didnt go to college he smoking by the garb-aagage (verse1) yo jimmy be crackin that corn nobody wants it no more even that girl"
  • Se donner la main - Lorie
    "Si ont pouvait se dire La beaut de nos sentiments Si ont pouvait d'crire Le sourire d'un enfant Et lui parler Ou simplement l'couter Lui donner sans compter Et si ont pouvais voir La vrit des innocents"
  • Rancho Deluxe Main Title - Jimmy Buffett
    "Rancho deluxe main title By: jimmy buffett 1975 A rustler's daydream, thoughts of jail Dustclouds rising, tearing down the trails Got our plans made, to make a few bucks Buy a spread called rancho deluxe No"
  • Parle A Ma Main - Yelle feat. Christelle Bazooka
    "-Salut Yelle! -Salut Christelle! -Hey On est pas des putes Franges -C'est clair! -Et on va leur dire! Refrain: Tu me fais trop piti tu m'soules vas-y parle ma main Si t'as pas compris a veux dire oublies"
  • Kings Upon The Main - Thrice
    "This lesson you'd do well not to forget. Your life could be the one its wisdom saves At sea, when you're beleaguered and beset, On every side by strife of wind and waves. Despite the best of maps and"
  • Donne moi la main - Pierre Bachelet
    "On la disait un peu simpletteLa fille de l'clusier du coinElle se cachait dans une charretteAvec des yeux qui voyaient loinEt a faisait peur aux gaminsElle parlait seule dans sa plnteAvec une voix de poupeNous"
  • The Main Event / Fight - Barbra Streisand
    "Ooooooh...mmm...mmm... Extra! Extra! I'm in love I gotta thank my luck stars above Hurry, hurry don't be late Cause I can't wait I gotta celebrate It's a fact We got a first rate act It's evident when"
  • Get Up - Main Version - Ciara
    "Ladies and gentlemen! Ciara He said 'Hi, my name is so and so Baby can you tell me yours? You look like you came to do One thing (Set it off)' I started on the left And I had to take him to the right He"
  • Sexyback (Main Version - Explicit) - Justin Timberlake
    "I'm bringing sexy back Them other boys don't know how to act I think you're special whats behind your back So turn around and ill pick up the slack. Take em' to the bridge Dirty babe uh-huh You see"

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