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Cheryll blossom

  • Hello Strawberry Skies - Trouble
    "There's lonely people in distress hell is better, I confess all my dreams have been destroyed horse misused, eternal void so many names upon the wall purple curtain, funeral pall seems they were so sincere mercy"
  • Following Caligula - Winter Solstice
    "Frantically running through the catacombs of peril So far from hollow A nightmare interpreted into something so beautiful Flooding your senses like tsunami of light Inferiority races through your veins Monumental"
  • Brand New Bed Of Roses - Charley Pride
    "I'm looking for a brand new bed of roses A love just like mine that stands the test of time I'm looking for a brand new bed of roses a love with everlasting clinging vine Roses and true love fade a little"
  • A Few More Seasons - The Stanley Brothers
    "Mother first was called to heaven Left our home all alone Dad took sick soon and joined her They're reunited on god's throne A few more tiring days still face us A few more weary nights shall come We'll"
  • Sakura Sakura - Ring Of Fire
    "Lyrics: Sakura sakura Yayoi no sora wa Miwatasu kagiri Kasumi ka kumo ka Nioi zo izuru Izaya izaya Mi ni yu kan Saita sakura Mina mi te modoro Yoshino wa sakura Tatsuta wa momiji Karasaki no matsu Tokiwa"
  • Onesong - Redcore
    "Within a lifetime you will see Occuring changes Never mind what will they be You can't explain it Blossom into what is thee Another answer How can you serve humanity? Be a believer! Seek the truth that"
  • Let It Come Down - Swans
    "There's Patchouli Blossom, Frankincense, And Rose I'm Lavender, Lavender There's Cedarwood, Champa. Musk, And Myrrh I'm Lavender, Lavender I Was Smolderlng Then Yov Breathed Deep May Yovr Soul Be Free"
  • Tears - Fields Of The Nephilim
    "Today it seems to beim a fool without a dreamlive without a colourred and yellow flowersin a black and white shotIf youre crying over meand a tear is falling downand a fiction becomes realityif youre crying"
  • Lonely angel dust - Laura Veirs
    "The rose is not afraid to blossom Though it knows its pedals must fallAnd with its pedals fall seeds into soilWhy toil to contain it all?Why toil at all?Ice crystals form from flakes of heavenFall down"
  • The Mountain - PJ Harvey
    "Above the mountain The mountain An eagle Is flying High above the mountain An eagle calling down To the soldier who falters The soldier on the ground By the mountain I feel nothing For in my own heart Every"

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