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Could could could

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Could could could
  • McKinley Could Be Cruel
    "(McKinley) One more night would do just beautifully. Crashing cymbal grand finale last-breath kiss and cymbal cracking high C flies out of me, or we moan a morbid harmony. A video clip for my library. Tender"
  • Marc Anthony How Could I
    "It was a coldest day in December A day I always will remember I looked into your eyes And faced my deepest fear I had drifted too far Far from you my dear So how could I Turn away from the one I love How"
  • Charlie Mars How Could You
    "You know all my secrets You know all my dreams I think maybe I have told you One too many things How could you do this to me now You know how to touch me You know how to make me scream I think maybe"
  • Pips Chips And Video Clips If I Could
    "If I could I would take all away the pain that this world is feeling we don't need no more pain going off to war I don't think this is right for us. we have been throw so the storm and now we have to"
  • Al Jarreau Could You Believe
    "Could you believe in a dream When I tell you that it's true? Would you believe precious friend of mine? Could you believe when it seems You are glad with what you do It will give you the courage to carry The"
  • Dj Tatana If i could
    "Feat Joanna I thought you're on the run Getting closer to what you see Sometimes I realize Things can change as way to be Got yourself a picture frame And read the times one day will cam]re I thought you"
  • Moody Blues Who could change
    "Who could change Or re-arrange The love I have for you? Who could feel The way I feel, The way you make me do? Nothing I can say Will make this feeling go. Nothing I will say, No word, no thought will"
  • Leon Jackson Could Do Better
    "Love is a rose it grows when you feed it But just as we believed it The thornswere tearing at the skin A beautiful dream rudely awakened But this heart is vacant There's nothing left here within So before"
  • Jodeci How Could You
    "All I can do Is sit alone In my room Thinkin about ya How could this be That you are not here with me When I gave you the best of me I face each day Without a smile And life seemed so unfair I feel like"
  • Neulander If You Could
    "if you could see him you'd understand why I reached out my arm and stuck it straight into the fire, the heat of the moment, all a-burn with desire, hypnotized by the flame, transfigured by the light if"

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