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Deph loop

  • Danger Zone - Billy Burnette
    "Written by billy burnette and michael smotherman. I was laughing at all these people, who Jump through hoops and loop de loop In the name of love I told all my friends this could never Happen to me 'cause"
  • 7mil krok (prod. Kiełas) - syberia2official
    "spraw tu jest tłok lecz nie jesy ok tył naped bok syberia szok 7 mil krok nie mówei hop za rokiem rok za loop’em loop jedne raz nad jedne raz pod jeden raz do jedne raz od jeden raz w tył dwa razy w"
  • Shake - Rod Stewart
    "(Sam Cooke) with Brian Auger and the Trinity Listen while I talk to you Tell you what we're goin' to do There's a new thing goin' around And I'll tell you what they're puttin' down Move your body all"
  • First Name Initial - Annette
    "Annette Miscellaneous First Name Initial FIRST NAME INITIAL Annette with the Afterbeats Written by Martin Kalmanoff and Aaron H. Schroeder Peaked at # 20 in 1960 First name initial First name initial First"
  • So Amazing - Jagged Edge
    "(feat. Voltio) Y'll, uh huh This is Voltio, and Jagged edge, uh huh Que paso ma', ya tu sabes For all the ladies on the world, they amazing... ha ha, que paso ma' Y'll know who dis is so so so"
  • Top dogz - Looptroop
    "Jag vill plocka hela jvla landet, naturliga rvarbandet P nya tillslag, skapar drag, vinner slag Vssar mina blad, hller gard i Stockholms stad Kr p med samma stil, rockar samma stil Samma smil, samma blick,"
  • Laat Het Los - Liesbeth List
    "Laat het los, laat het gaan kijk nog een keer om blijf niet staan Loop je toekomst niet voorbij adem uit en voel je vrij Het schip zal blijven branden zolang je ernaar kijkt Laat het los, laat het gaan"
  • Nausea and Shudder - The GazettE
    "So long HIKARI NO MUKOU E So long NA MO NAKI JIYUU E So long FUAN WO NOMIKOME So long DARE YORI MO TAKAKU TOBE ana darake no hane wo haide tobikome me wo kojiake soko ga doro mamire no HEAVEN darou"
  • Shake A Tail Feather - Tina Turner
    "(Verlie Rice, Otis Hayes & Andre Williams) Well, I heard about the girl You've been dancing with All over the neighborhood Tell me why didn't you ask me baby? Or didn't you think I could? Well, I know"
  • It's A Life - Park Ave.
    "It's a life, working lanes with his wife Hand in hand, they both work at the alley with an arcade in the back Where the young are the restless on the set The cameras are hot, the tape hasn't stopped Since"

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