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Diddy Partners For Life

  • Thug For Life - Trick Daddy
    "(feat. Kase, Mystic) I'll be yo' thug for life, my love will drive you crazy You know nobody ain't gone (fuck) you like you need baby Let's slip and slide together and go get this cheese baby Hold"
  • For Dear Life - Cock Robin
    "As I have only my convictions I've made some mistakes Trial and error is not an answer or even a break So I cling to the only treasure I've pleasured to know I can't believe That these precious things"
  • Scarred For Life - Slapp Happy
    "Leave me something to remember you by, more than a lock of your hair. Leave me scarred for life, show you really care. You can do it with kindness, keener than a knife. Just by making yourself scarce you"
  • Lust for life - Gamma Ray
    "Comin' out of misery, back to the old energy, takin' part in ourdaily show.Think of what has been before, made a move and slammed thedoor.Future will remain in the unknown.Face the face of the race, try"
  • Set For Life - Petra
    "He likes caviar, he likes champagne Calls his broker just to check his gain He made a profit of considerable size Don't ask him no questions, he will tell you no lies He kept thinking that he had it"
  • Scarred For Life - Steel Prophet
    "Born into this life a child in the world of doubt Rejected as an orphan boy torn from his mothers side Dogma thrown in his way obstacles from which to pass The pain his soul endured Has scarred his body"
  • For Your Life - Led Zeppelin
    "You said I was the only, With my lemon in your hand Exhibition is your habit, Emotion second hand. Had to pull away to save me, Maybe next time around And she said, 'don't you want it? Don't you want"
  • Pegged For Life - Faction
    "I can't help being the way that I am It's not paranoia, it's Uncle Sam The minute I was born they've had my prints They use intimidation as their biggest hint The boys at the capitol they know who you"
  • Mine For Life - Ultravox
    "Chorus: A life as a stranger, Hands through a wire, Forbidden desires, Are mine for life. Looking from a spiral staircase, At a man with a suitcase, As he shades his eyes. Watching from a stained glass"
  • Down For Life - Biohazard
    "If you were to ask for a favor There is no such thing, just natural behavior You see we're family inside To say we're down with you, yo we say it with pride Because to us you're real people Never talkin'"

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