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Joseph's coat

  • Pink Cashmere - Prince
    "Ooh, here I go again fallin' in love all over Ooh, the cycle never ends, U just pray U don't get burned Ooh, this fire inside of me, don't nobody realize (Ooh) Ow, what U are 2 me, but baby U got 2"
  • Slumpy - Defari
    "(Intro: Defari + (girl)) Look, leave me the fuck alone bitch (Oh, there you go, damn "leave me the fuck alone", "leave me the fuck alone" That's all you cryin' nigga Ooh, your breath stank nigga, damn,"
  • Vierne 13 II - vico c
    "Oh oh Jason is backDespues de que Jason fue electrocutado En Joseph's Cafe se quedaron pasmadosEl guardia aquel que habia salido pato le dijo Ataron el cuerpo de Jason con cadenasY tanto mayores como nenes"
  • Don't Just Stand There (Come In Out Of The Rain) - Man
    "Look out and see the rain, come in Look out and see what it's brought in Well hello, come in, it's nice to see you again I waited around but you didn't show I thought you weren't bothering Good job I"
  • Charlemagne - Skrew
    "I bleed black mud I bleed a cavity in your body A cavity for thoughtless fuck Pour forth, black mud Pour forth, black mud life I bleed a hole Without pain Life of pain Over years of struggle Skin coat"
  • The Dusty Miller - Robert Burns
    "The Dusty Miller (Robert Burns) Hey, the dusty miller, And his dusty coat! He will win a shilling, Or he win a groat. Dusty was the coat, Dusty was the colour, Dusty was the kiss That I gat frae the miller! Hey"
  • Contact - Original Broadway Cast
    "FIVE HOMELESS PEOPLE Christmas bells are ringing Christmas bells are ringing Christmas bells are ringing On TV - At Saks SQUEEGIEMAN Honest living, honest living Honest living, honest living Honest living,"
  • Christmas Bells - Rent
    "FIVE HOMELESS PEOPLE: Christmas Bells Are Ringing Christmas Bells Are Ringing Christmas Bells Are Ringing On TV - At SAKS SQUEEGIEMAN Honest Living, Honest Living Honest Living, Honest Living Honest"
  • Hidden Track - Tilly And The Wall
    "Some names have been changed To protect the idenities Of the innocent So just sit back and pretend that this one is About some other friend, about some other friend So you and me sat down at some diner"
  • There Only Is - Vendetta Red
    "Reminiscent screams like womb dreams From ridding yourself of your own existence The pendulum sways like an empty noose Still your thought compress and you weep and sigh inside Adolescent naivete spawned"

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