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  • Angelique - Theatre of Tragedy
    "Thou dawdl'd not bringing me fro Aether to Nether, Still, duringly cling I on to this heather - Dew-scented blossom: thou wast pristine, The sweven of thee ne'er will I cede, my colleen. Drat this creature"
  • Armagedon X 7 - Napalm Death
    "Lest we forget scorched earth policies, of megaton and hydrogen, and taut muscle of an armory that flexes, to show the world we mean business! It's all smiles and handshakes, but who moves to disarm. We've"
  • Amnesia - Dead Can Dance
    "Saw the demonstration on Remembrance Day. Lest we forget the lesson enshrined with pure rain History is never written by those who've lost but a few who must bear witness to our collective memory loss Memories"
  • Follow You Up - Barnabas
    "Barnabas Miscellaneous Follow You Up No reason to feel that way But closed minds won't always change their ways No hard feellings, but this I must say Start a fire, and we'll make it pay We're gonna"
  • Que N'ai-je - Alain Bashung
    "Que n'ai-je appris la luge Que n'ai-je appris skier Sans me soucier du dluge De la texture des glaciers Que n'ai-je gliss Que n'ai-je fondu Sur ton balconnet Que n'ai-je t torride Que n'ai-je tomb la"
  • Resign Yourself - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
    "Ain't no place you can hide that I can't find you. Ain't no place you can go where I won't be. Lest you forget, my dear, let me remind you, girl You may as well resign yourself to me. Ain't no door you"
  • Moorlough Shore - The Corrs
    "Your hills and dales and flowery vales That lie near the Moorlough Shore Your winds that blow by borden's grove Will I ever see you more Where the primrose blows And the violet grows Where the trout and"
  • Take My Hand, Precious Lord - Jim Reeves
    "When my way groweth drear Precious Lord, linger near When my light is almost gone Hear my cry, hear my call Hold my hand lest I fall Take my hand, precious Lord Lead me on. Precious Lord, take my hand Lead"
  • Siren (Track 8) - The Legendary Pink Dots
    "Sheba had nine lives that I could sleep in. Sheba had the cutest little nose. Sheba's lips by Interflora. Rollercoaster. Lizard Lick. She stings you like the 13th summer rose. Sheba offers blind inviting"
  • Well Of Misery - Nick Cave
    "Along crags and sunless cracks I go Up rib of rock, down spine of stone I dare not slumber where the night winds whistle Lest her creeping-soul clutch this heart of thistle O the same God that abandon'd"

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