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Pala malam ini pajar pakong lama

  • Extra Pale - The Goo Goo Dolls
    "Extra pale Oh you're frail now I couldn't laugh about it Tragedy sets you free but I should have known it from the start I should have known that it was Just another sequel Just another reason for you How's"
  • Pale Forest - Wyrd
    "Hear the tune from the woodlands Ghastly, forlorn Hear the song of the forest Pale, eternal! I carve the runes for the spirits to speak For the ghosts to dance among these trees I chant the spells for"
  • Pale Moonlight - Cancerslug
    "when its gone... life is meaningless, until its gone but who gives a f**k when its gone? when its gone... you cannot see the end, until its gone there is no more light in your eyes lonely conviction lonely"
  • Pale Sun - Cowboy Junkies
    "Fifty miles from Dakota territory Cheyenne scalp hangs from his belt Found him alone washing in the Bighorn A steady aim and he bagged his game Pale sun falls without contest Here is obedient darkness He"
  • Pale Enchantress - Tristania
    "Dark thou embrace my bleeding heart my dreams uniting our tearful eyes enchanting At night I kiss the serpent in thy tears For years thy sorrow I've mourned Harken my moonchilds cry Yearning for another"
  • Pali si - Buldog
    "Co się dzieje, jak to się stało, co się stało, jak? Ja sam nie wiem, by ci powiedzieć, bom oszalał tak. Ogromnymi kroki powoli skrada pożar się, On wypali, co ma wypalić, wszystkie grzechy złe. Kto tłumaczy,"
  • Pale September - Fiona Apple
    "Pale September I wore the time Like a dress that year The autumn days Swung soft around me Like cotton on my skin But as the embers Of the summer Lost their breath And disappearred My heart went cold and Only"
  • Pale September - Apple Fiona
    "Apple Fiona Tidal Pale September Pale September, I wore the time like a dress that year The autumn days swung soft around me, like cotton on my skin But as the embers of the summer lost their breath"
  • Pale Light - Asrai
    "A pale light enters my room A skinny wrist A clammy hand on white sheets Side with fear I can't move I'm in agony Only my eyes lived And showed the sadness of a loss A small world surrounded me There's"
  • Pale Bride - Von Bondies
    "Here she comes, my pale bride Makes it so that I don't try anymore All dressed in white, sad to see that I don't care anymore (Don't care anymore) I don't care anymore (don't care anymore) I don't.."

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