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Prediksi result dari 2245

  • Hazar Angam - Andr
    "Inch badahets kez, Herazar ayndes, Vonts abrem aysbes, Aysbes arants kez sirelis, Ove kez kerel, Kez intsnis darel, Ove kez sheghel, De asa kez ints bes ove sirel... Hazar angam kez gasem, Hazar dari"
  • Yalli Nassini - Akon feat. Melissa
    "Yeaaah Ohhh Akon and Melissa Melissa: yalli nassini,Yalli nasi hobi o shagel bali,habeebi ehkene, ya tarekni wahdi bhalayali,ma btesal anni yama dabo oyooni wana am dari Akon: Just talk about you and"
  • Biarlah - Nidji
    "Aku sudah berlari Mengejar yang tak pasti Mengejar kamu... hanya dirimu... Kulantunkan hidupku Kubisikkan cintaku Hanya untukmu... hanya untukmu... Tapi engkau terus pergi Tapi engkau terus berlari Jadi"
  • Alangkah - Baizura Ning
    "Baizura Ning Ke Sayup Bintang Alangkah Di heningnya sepi Inginku terus lena Mendakap ilusi Yand datang mewarna mimpi Oh bagaikan syurga Berarak awan nan indah Membawa ku pergi sama Jauh dari alam realiti "
  • Atomic asphyxia - Collapsed System
    "A white desert, the wind blows, the sandFloats in the air, so it will look everywhere.Wake up and decide your fateForceful, consistent, it won't take shapeWhen you act before it's too lateWhat remains"
  • Citizen XT99 - Dope stars inc
    "We are not Like a piece of flesh without some feelings. Like a crowd of pigs inside a barn. I cant deal with codes and got my own name. Please don't call me xt 99. We are not Like a flock of sheeps piled"
  • Remember - Bad Acid Trip
    "I have seen the result of our school system I have seen what it does I asked some kids about the holocaust And they didn't even know what it was Didn't that happen in some Time Life books I didn't see"
  • This Is Your Revelation - Metalsteel
    "Gastronomic perversion Extreme substance abuse Experimental consumation Too exotic to choose Suicidal intensions Obscure fundamental acts Megalomanic frustrations Versus skeptical facts This"
  • Tell Me - Corrosion Of Conformity
    "Not so long ago. The children laughed and played. Now they're just charred corpses Annihilated they play no more. When everything is contaminated Tell me what is gained. Tell me who has won when nothing"
  • Skulk - Harmful
    "Adding black paint the result of external pain... to cause, to feel, to pronounce a constant point: moral standard? Stiff - Skulk False statement with a few grains of truth in it... to cause, to feel,"

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