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Rod Stewart - Tonight's The Night

  • Time For Livin' (sylvester Stewart/frontline) - Beastie Boys
    "Beastie Boys Miscellaneous Time For Livin' (sylvester Stewart/frontline) Yeah, that's right It's time to set the record straight Ain't nobody got to spell it for me Ain't nobody got to yell i can see Ain't"
  • All In The Name Of Rock 'N' Roll - Rod Stewart
    "Went downtown on the two fourtynine, play'n for recognition of the New York town. See, me and the boys got a rock 'n' roll band; they were so damn good, gonna lift up the man. Well, we got ups, we got"
  • Everybody Feeling Something (ft. K Stewart) - Marlon Roudette
    "Hey, now let me tell you something We got the place erupting We got the place erupting, This is the mood we wanting Everybody feeling something We got the place erupting, erupting Street light feeds"
  • Flags & Banners - Rod Stewart
    "(rod stewart, ronnie lane, 1973) Last night I was woken by my cry Had a dream just as plain as you and i Saw the morning sun on a woodland in the spring Still hear the echo crashing through the trees Oh"
  • Down Side Of Me (with Kristen Stewart) - CHVRCHES
    "Maybe I tell you that it’s No big deal Maybe I can aim this high Or maybe I could eat my words Not the same Not the same You’re Not the same Not the same Not the same Not the same You’re Not the same Not"
  • Cindy's Lament - Rod Stewart
    "(Rod Stewart) Listen here You don't have to love me always Cindy You don't need to see me every day of the week You don't have to notice my brand new shoes But please, please say hello some time You"
  • The Night - The Jam
    "it's right for the night, thousands of lights, show us the way. me and my mates, will have a good time in the amusement acrade. unpack your bags, we're here at last for the birds that play ball This"
  • Silicone Grown - Rod Stewart
    "(rod stewart, ron wood) Wait a minute honey I don't think the joke's so too funny, no I stayed up all night Checking out the doctor's guide Wait a minute honey Stop pretending you're a bunny Well I might've"
  • My Fault - Rod Stewart
    "(ron wood, rod stewart, ian mclagan, 1973) Take me like you find me Don't try to change me You know better than that Take me as you see me Don't try to hide me I ain't used to that Shout it out loud Put"
  • Too Bad - Rod Stewart
    "(ron wood/rod stewart) Too bad we was thrown downstairs You never got a chance to sing We were quite polite With one invite To keep us off the streeet We mingled for a minute or two With the high class"

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