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  • Ariel Kill Him Katla
    "Don't you climb off my movie screen. You suit perfect in blue light. When you embrace my head and turn my eyes red. Your rhythm is mine. To break bones with only knives in you mind. And I say later. Grace,"
  • Ariel Kill Him Not Today, Not Tomorrow
    "Tonight well move the world if you want to My voice sounds like a thousand echoes Spinning on the words you left with me Thank you for the beauty you wear (and put inside me) so endlessly And you where"
  • Ariel Kill Him Alpha Is Down
    "Shaped like sharkfins we fly in the speed of light. It's a transmission through presence. And we all want to be someones angel on a mission to collect all the evening stars. I want to be beautiful I want"
  • Ariel Kill Him Ca-Cao
    "Lay me down and say you you stop this car crash. Radio is dead but not the demons in my head. Show me a state where soundtracks hurts at right place. Fill me in. Keep me out. Cut me up. Send me away. A"
  • Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti Only In My Dreams
    "If at first you don't succeed at love Just dream a little dream about a girl so real When she don't call up no more, well Never give up, you gotta believe it If only in my dreams (only in my dreams) If"
  • LL Cool J Born To Love You
    "James Todd Smith, knowhatI'msayin? Trackmasters Fresh off the private jet from Europe - did four months out there Extra paper, scoop that up Back on the scene, crisp and clean You know how we get down"
  • Ancient The Call Of The Absu Deep
    "(music by Aphazel, Lyrics by Grimm) You lie still, forever dreaming. Belior, thy serpent calls to thee. Hear me, mighty Cthulu, living on a dream. Cthulu, Lord of dreams. Tiamat, Lord of Seas. Ariel,"
  • Auteurs, The Fear Of Flying
    "Auteurs, The After Murder Park Fear Of Flying You may be wary of fallen stars They're always poking around in the dark The ariel view of a dying man Screaming out can you help me invisible man You must"
  • Anthony Green Plays Ugly For Daddy
    "I feel your smooth skin, slightly brushed. I need your song, your song, your song, started over. I hear the exclamation point. Your eyes are so there (greener) Your eyes are so there (greener) Your eyes"
  • Enya Afer ventum (english)
    "Sea of Clouds. Umbriel. Sea of Showers. Ariel. And we go to the stars. And we go to the stars. Sea of Waves. Io. Vela. Wonderful to relate. Marvels. Wonderful to see. Wonders. And we go to the stars. And"

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