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Seether Tonight

  • Tonight - We Are Scientists
    "I want you to stay and I guess I can give you a line It's always the same but it works better every time Just don't walk away from me Just don't walk away from me Tonight, oh tonight I promise to Remember"
  • Tonight - Reamonn
    "She never took the train alone she hated being on her own She always took me by the hands and said she needs me She never wanted in love to fail she always hoped that it was real She'd look me in the"
  • Tonight - Def Leppard
    "Ohhhh...Oooooh... I don't wanna play The wailting game And drift away Leavin' an illusion I don't wanna hide It's foolish pride To close my eyes A touch away from wanting you Don't try to look"
  • Tonight - Debelah Morgan
    "(Debelah Morgan, Giloh Morgan) Tonight I sit here with you I can't believe what we've just been through When all has been said and done I know that you're the one Who's been sent to show me the meaning"
  • Tonight Tonight - Bebe Winans
    "Tonight, Tonight The way you smile makes everything ok and when you're near troubles fade away and when you speak, my even the winds obey and it's the only love that makes me high I wanna see you"
  • Tonight - Kaskade
    "No one from the start Now look where we are A look on your face Makes me want to stay Apart from so sweet A head to your feet Apart from what's right Tonight, tonight Let's try to know That you?re"
  • Tonight - Xspace
    "come a little bit closer and look into my eyes if only for a moment boy don't be suprised I want you right here next to me so tell me can we spend some time so I can hold you softly in these gentle arms"
  • Tonight - Adams Bryan
    "Adams Bryan You Want It, You Got It Tonight Who are you gonna run to, Now your ass is on the line. Who do you think you're foolin' We ain't got the time. Don't try to tell me, Who's wrong or right."
  • Tonight - Bobby Valentino
    "Chorus: I wanna see what's under there, Tonight, I wanna rub my fingers through your hair, Tonight, I wanna see what's under there, let make love girl I'm so anxious I've been waiting for tonight. Verse:"
  • Tonight - Andy Williams
    "If I could hold you in the arms of love tonight I'd never let you go As the hours go by I'd show you why we've waited for this As two lovers whisper low If I could feel that magic kiss your lips invite Imagine"

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