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Shoppin around

  • Mess Around - Redd Kross
    "I don't want to mess around with anybody else I don't want to mess around with anybody else Can't you see monogamy Has always been so hard for me Can't you see monogamy Has always been so hard for me,"
  • Look Around - Olivia (US)
    "I feel so lost This emptiness deep inside me u might as well just stay with her Did you lay with her? 'Cause wherever you were You sure ain't thinking 'bout me I've been spinning around Thinking about"
  • Sneakin' around - BB King
    "Well hello pretty babyI just called to say that we're throughBecause i'm so tired of sneakin' around with youI want to meet you in the sunlightNot in a secret rendezvousBecause i'm so tired of sneakin'"
  • Look Around - Rad Kick
    "You woke up from nightmares torture And you can still smell this breath It's so dark you're totally blind Are you on your own? Be careful! Somebody is watching you or is it you When you're feeling down"
  • Bummin' Around - Perry Como
    "I got an ol' slouch hat, got my roll on my shoulder I'm as free as a breeze an' do as I please, just a bummin' around . . . Gotta million friends, I don't feel any older I've got nothin' to"
  • Rockin' around - Olsen Twins
    "Mary-Kate & Ashley: Let's rock!Rockin' around the Christmas treeAt the Christmas party hopMistletoe hung where you can seeEvery couple try to stopRockin' around the Christmas treeLet the Christmas spirit"
  • Drivin' Around - Eric Carmen
    "(eric carmen/david smalley) Long hot days We'll be catchin' the rays (oh baby) long hot days We'll be catchin' the rays You know my tape deck is blastin' My car's fast When school lets out And the summer's"
  • Turning Around - Jimmy Buffett
    "By: jimmy buffett Sometimes I feel like a propeller Spin spin out of control I don't know who's up on the throttle Oh I wish they'd let it go. All I ever do is get dizzy Thinkin' thinkin' things left"
  • Move Around - Stephen Stills
    "What do we do Given life We move around Solitude Reach for light Rich... Or slight... We move around We move around One searches For the sake of searching Clearly then Stunbling... Falling... Lurching... We"
  • Turn Around - Steps
    "I lie awake in the dark of the night Lost without you Why didn't I try to put up a fight For your love My very soul was dying Why wasn't I crying (Chorus) Turn around, turn around Turn around don't"

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