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Straight otta compton

  • Straight Jacket - Agesty
    "Agesty Straight Jacket Straight Jacket Written by TheNymf for Agesty For more information visit TheNymf Straight Jacket Tentacles holding me to the ground, unable to move above"
  • Straight Up - Abdul Paula
    "Abdul Paula Forever Your Girl Straight Up Lost in a dream Don't know which way to go If you are all that you seem Then baby I'm movin' way too slow I've been a fool before Wouldn't like to get my"
  • Straight Jacket - Quarashi
    "How many trips to the hospital does it take it? This is from the doctor to tell me it's okay. You're not dying kid, you need to stop breathing so heavily. Although anxiety, it's sex on a factual melody."
  • Weee straight - Twista
    "Yeah yall know what the fuck this is the legit balling family yo twista fire that shit up (Twista) All my legit ballers (what) all my legit ballers (wee straight) pull up to the club on dubs whey these"
  • Straight Talk - Joan Armatrading
    "Every time I try to tell you Just what's on my mind You try And calm me down But this thing's got to come out In the open some time Yeah You've been seeing Somebody else Behind my back It don't seem fair I'm"
  • Straight Up - Sparkle
    "1 - I'm telling you straight up I'm loving him I'm telling you straight up I think about him Sitting here wondering how How I'm gonna let you down This love affair has lost it's touch somehow Isn't it"
  • Straight & Narrow - Teenage Fanclub
    "You were on the straight and narrow You were going round the bend and looking for a friend Well you took off optimistic but you landed on your head and now you're walking dead What did you find"
  • Straight Ahead - Viper
    "Let me show you all the lights Through my eyes Paint your soul in black and white To disguise Keep searching for mercy Keep praying and hoping I'm alone In the back of your mind It's a real real real world"
  • Straight Happiness - Aidonia
    "Girl, Boo, I gotta tell you Girrrrrl U kno it's Aid didididididididi donia (donia) Take it Away Girl all mi waan yuh fi do ah rest pon mi Wine up di body squeeze up yuh breast pon mi For me and you ah"
  • Straight Lacin' - RBL Posse
    "Haha. That RBL niggaz. Mr. C-Note, C-Note *(Chorus- Iyesha Johnson)* No one's gonna lace you, like I do I get around babe, no one can lace you better. No one's gonna lace you, like I do I get around"

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