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Supertramp - Babaji

  • Broken Hearted - Supertramp
    "You make me nervous when you're flying around The secret service couldn't track you down You tell me no then you kiss me You say hello then you ditch me You try to run when you see me I never knew what"
  • Over You - Supertramp
    "Trouble is my calling card, thats my middle name Ever since you walked away, things are not the same Now my life is misery, dont know what to do Yes your gone, your history, but I cant get over you Used"
  • Tenth Avenue Breakdown - Supertramp
    "Well now how you doin' do I know you Are you living round here or just passing through Seems like I met you before well how you do Take care while you're in there, the lights are low Though the gals are"
  • Sting In The Tail - Supertramp
    "Well I don't care about the summer rain I know it's good for the garden Don't care what blue skies, they turn to grey When you come around and try to run me down The storm clouds darken...mmm...yeah I"
  • Bee In Your Bonnet - Supertramp
    "I keep on churning away, but pay no mind You don't know nothing 'bout me but that's alright I tell you true that I'll be there and that's for sure You got to let me go everywhere, let me through that"
  • Goldrush - Supertramp
    "less my heart and soul I've discovered gold Spread the news around Get the ship afloat A rock and roll the boat Let's get into town I am living down by the creek Getting mired in the mud No liquor for"
  • Dead Man's Blues - Supertramp
    "Goin' through my life, day by day Wonderin' why and what road it'll take Sometimes low and sometimes high Tryin' find a reason to live by Well I've been seaching far and wide Over the water beyond the"
  • Aubade - Supertramp
    "Morning at lastEvery night is a fight till you're wakingDreams dancing pastThrough the silence of sleepDawn is breakingI wake and watch them till thenAnd I am not like other birds of preyAnd I am not like"
  • Better days - Supertramp
    "Trust me, I can help youFeel free, we can save youJoin us in the good lifeAnd better days, better daysCampaign for a new lifeChampagne and the bright lightsMake way for the right wayAnd better days, better"
  • Cold as ice - Supertramp
    "You're as cold as iceyou need to sacrifice our loveyou never take advicessomeday you'll pay the priceI knowI've seen you beforeI have your good timeclosing you're living the world behindtake it for goldyou're"

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