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The creo Violetta

  • Oczy czarne - Violetta Villas
    "Oczi cziornyje, oczi dziwnyje, oczi strasnyje i priekrasnyje... Kak lublu ja was, kak bajus' ja was... Ja uwidieł was w niecharoszij czias. Lararira, lalalala, lalalala, lalalala, Lalalalala, lalalalala,"
  • Nie ma miłości bez zazdości - Violetta Villas
    "Nie ma miłości bez zazdrości Bo nie ma zazdrości bez miłości Stara to prawda, mocna jak wino A wino czerwone, serce szalone Nie ma miłości bez zazdrości Bo nie ma zazdrości bez miłości Miłość przychodzi"
    "Hay algo que tal vez deba decirte. Es algo que te hace muy, muy bien Se siente tan real, esta en tu mente Y dime si eres quien tu qieres ser Tómame la mano, ven aquí El resto lo hará tu corazón No hay"
  • 4 In The Morning (Spanish) - Gwen Stefani
    "Despertando para encontrar un nuevo da. La Luna se volvió a perder anoche. Pero ahora por fin el Sol expreso su opinión. Creo que me siento bien. Pero duele cuando pienso. Cuando lo dejo entrar en m. Esta"
  • Save The Planet - The Tragically Hip
    "the man 'cross the street he don't move a muscle though he's all covered in dust when constitutions of granite can't save the planet what's to become of us? with a painted restraint i don't move a muscle though"
  • The - Chad Brock
    "Sorry I'm so late, but I've been out walking Trying to find a way to tell you What I think you already know I'd never want to hurt you 'cause darling I still love you But things aren't like they used to"
  • The Heat (The Energy) - The Prodigy
    "Can you feel it, the energy, the heat the energy, the heat Can you feel it, the energy, the heat the energy, the heat The energy The energy The energy The energy Can you feel it the energy, the heat the"
  • The Sun, The Sea - The Verve
    "I see I hear it's very clear Because the day has come when you have won It's myself I feel She calls me calls me the sun the sea yeah I know it's not for today It's not for today, it's for you and me yeah"
  • God Save The Queen - Give Up The Ghost
    "I ran through Storm stained city streets Paved with pain To bring these roses to you And with sore throat insecurity You pulled the thorns From my bleeding side There were winter days Spent in"
  • The baby - The Hollies
    "Passion of the spring came the babyAnd in the passion of the spring came the babyWords that were spoken in the anger of youth only half truthTouched by the child bride while deep inside lie the real truthHe"

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