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Travis Tritt Its A Great Day To Be Alive

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Travis Tritt Its A Great Day To Be Alive
  • Takida Alive
    "How do you feel when he's holding you tight? What do you see in him that scare's you every night? You scream inside cause you live without pride It is him against you, it's not right He will not cause"
  • Edwin McCain Alive
    "Al, he sells records down on old St. Charley's StreetHe's cleaning up Fat Tuesday's mess he keeps the sidewalks neatAnd he just lost his father and he just lost his wifeAnd if it wasn't for the music he"
  • Progress In Color Its Just A Plague
    "Its a plague, this constant weight, it haunts my thoughts when you're away. And would it be safe for one to say, I made your heart smile at the end of the day? And what, what was hidden behind your smile? Was"
  • I Can Alive
    "All She's Asking Is For a Little More Time,To Walk Away From His Anger and Leave the Bruises Far BehindShe Won't Talk About It...she's Made Up Her MindBut As the Front Door Shuts Behind Her She Whispers"
  • SR 71 Alive
    "All she's asking is for a little more time,To walk away from his anger and leave the bruises far behindShe won't talk about it...she's made up her mindBut as the front door shuts behind her she whispers"
  • Concrete Blonde Its A Mans World
    "(J. Napolitano) Happy New Year! (Happy nowhere!) Where are you going? (Slow, I don't care where...) Where? (Oh, I'll get there) I WILL get there Monday, one step Tuesday, two I'd crawl on my hands and"
  • Starsplash Alive
    "(Chorus) On the wings of an angel flying Catch a falling star Living like to regret a moment You know who you are On the wings of an angel flying Be a shooting star Don't look back for a single minute Life"
  • Tyr Alive
    "Essence, divergence, freedom, dependence where to belong to, I'm longing, belongings what to relate to, our nations try, my patience dry, relations lie that This is our essence, there's no way behind the back"
  • Raiko Alive
    "Dare datte shippai wa suru nda Hazukashii koto janai Kono kizu o muda ni shinai de Waratte arukereba ii (rap) Sou shizuka na kuuki suikomi Hiroki sora ni kao age tobikomi Toki ni ame ga futtara hito yasumi Jaa"
  • Hot Chocolate Ever Its A Winner
    "I don't care 'bout the colour of her hair Or the colour of the skin that she's wrapped in. All I want is a personality that's right for me that's all I seek. I don't care if she's rich or poor the door"

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