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Vogue bedies

  • Give it up - En Vogue
    "Baby girl (unfair but true) Can love him once but not twice Who plays games with no rules (a fool) Tears for fears (are no surprise) Happens almost every time Love knocks you on your behind (Loved you"
  • I love you more (remix) - En Vogue
    "I love you more than there are ocean grains of sandI love you more than there are voices in the windI love you so, I can't let goI love you so, I want the whole wide world to knowIt's not unusual to feel"
  • Love u crazay - En Vogue
    "It's just like thisI knew it from the first time I kissed your lipsI can't resist, the passion was so strongAs I looked into your eyesI became a little weak and I was mesmerizedI lost all track of time1"
  • Love won't take me - En Vogue
    "I had a loveAnd I had painBest believeThey come hand in handCause I'm a soldierFor the love brigadeI'm prepared to do battleWith anythingI have control of my life you seeLet's keep it real not to make"
  • No, no, no - En Vogue
    "(Can't Come Back)Last night, woke in bed In a cold cold sweat (so sweaty, so funky) Dreamin' of bad things to be (or not to be) Haunting things like homelessness (all the lonely people) Without a job,"
  • Free Your Mind - En Vogue
    "I wear tight clothing and high heel shoes That doesn't make me a prostitute I like rap music, wear hip hop clothes That doesn't mean that I'm sellin' dope Oh my please forgive me for having straight hair It"
  • White Heat - John Waite
    "She's just a working girl from Baltimore She'll choose you She's been there She's been there and back again It's in and out It's up it's down It's a mercenary And you get what you need When you walk"
  • High Fashion - Prince
    "I know a sexy little girl She's never in the low class world This woman is all the way vogue High Fashion is where her money goes She dines at Le Dome up on the strip Cheap liquor never touches her lips Her"
  • Rod's Post - Bracket
    "If you listen close you'll find All the crazy things that were left behind When I look around they're living in the past What the hell is in their mind They have to feel out of place They think vogue"
  • Sans toi, ma mie - Salvatore Adamo
    "Je sais tout est fini J'ai perdu ta confiance Nanmoins je te prie De m'accorder ma chance Si devant mon remords Tu restes indiffrente On ne peut te donner tort Mais soit donc indulgente Au nom des joies"

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