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  • Here We'll Stay - Abba
    "Love, love is a dream We were like two young strands of driftwood Caught up in a stream We were destined for each other From our very first hello We came bustin' through that river dam And made that river"
  • Medley (Pick A Bale Of Cotton /On Top Of Smokey /Midnight Special) - Abba
    "(Pick A Bale Of Cotton) Gonna jump down, spin around, pick a bale of cotton Gonna jump down, spin around, pick a bale a day Gonna jump down, spin around, pick a bale of cotton Gonna jump down, spin around,"
  • Burning My Bridges - Abba
    "Well, you hoot and you holler and you make me mad And I've always been under your heel Holy christ what a lousy deal Now I'm sick and tired of your tedious ways And I ain't gonna take it no more Oh no"
  • Crying Over You - Abba
    "I'm waitin' for you baby I'm sitting all alone I feel so cold without you It chills me to the bone I never thought you'd leave me But now I know it's true Oh Lord I'm blue I'm cryin' over you I'm"
  • Ring Ring (1974 Remix) - Abba
    "same lyrics as original 1973 version: I was sitting by the phone I was waiting all alone Baby by myself I sit and wait and wonder about you It's a dark and dreary night Seems like nothings going right Won't"
  • Waterloo (Swedish) - Abba
    "Swedish version. Recording began 17th December 1973 at Metronome Studio. Jo, jo, vid Waterloo Napoleon fick ge sig Men, men, sitt de kan man mta p s mnga skilda stt Sjlv knner jag sen jag mtt dig Historien"
  • Hey, Hey, Helen - Abba
    "So at last you're free It's the way you wanted it to be And the price you paid To become a woman of today Is it worth the pain to see the children cry Does it hurt when they ask for Daddy Hey hey Helen Now"
  • ?h, Vilka Tider - Abba
    "h, vilka tider Paradiset hgrar Du fr kalla det fantasier Men nog r det en drm man minns Drmde en drm, jag minns och jag knner Vatten blev vin och fiender vnner Det var hrligt att leva Allting var"
  • Ska Man Skratta Eller Gr?ta - Abba
    "Ska man skratta eller grta? Ska man srja eller le t det liv som blev oss givet? Kan du svara mig p det? Ska man srja allting tokigt man fr hra eller se? Allt man knner vara krokigt? Eller ska man bara"
  • T - Abba
    "Tnk om jorden vore ung och vi var med frn brjan Tnk om vran gamla vrld var blomstrande och hel Tnk att kunna somna in var kvll och slippa srja ver snt som nn annan gjort fel Tnk om jorden vore ung"

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