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adrenalin lpopez

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adrenalin lpopez
  • Saga Push it
    "Im an adrenalin junkie, Just cant get enough Get bared so easily I know I'd better be lucky 'Cause I know I've got the right stuff Does anybody out there feel like me Gonna push it - till I lose control"
  • Bjork Moon
    "As the lukewarm hands of the gods Came down and gently picked my adrenalin pearls They placed them in their mouths And rinsed all the fear out Nourished them with their saliva Now I'm all rejuvenated and"
  • Barcode In The Pit
    "There's gonna be a riot tonight Lose your head, dive into the fight Sense and sanity, leave it behind Set it off, go way outta line Reach the limit and set for beyond True insanity will loosen the tight"
  • NOFX The Malachi Crunch
    "Did you get that rush, that feeling, adrenalin pumping through your veins? A lifeless body in the gutter, city streets are stained How do you rationalize, what do you see in your reflection? A kid"
  • Roger Cicero Wovon Tr
    "Sie war wie eine wilde Blte die durch Natrlichkeit betrt und deren ungezhmte Schnheit im Grunde gar keinem gehrt in der Gefangenschaft deiner Hnde pltzlich mit Dornen sich bewehrt Du hast versucht n Zaun"
  • Japan Automatic Gun
    "Too many heartaches have been rejected A notified delay I feel adrenalin ejecting And I'll soon go on my way And it's so hard now And it's so hard now Beating on my brain I find no fascination to"
  • Latin Quarter Close This Acount
    "Bewildered children and stunned Vietnamese Cold prints in Hamburg; can you tell me how much are these? The bookshop grilled up its flesh Racked up the sex And dragged my gaze in through the mesh Contortions"
  • Naggaroth Nightmares The Naggaroth Nightmares
    "Once again... Grayscale at night, again it's our night Gather around, behold Three feet above you, the time has come Gather below and hear Fill you lounges with the smoke Fill your mind with the atmosphere On"
  • Send More Paramedics Follow Your Programming
    "Annihilate Instinctive Aggressor, F**king Slay Lacerate, Eviscerate, Decapitate Become The Bane, Smash The Brain, Bones Will Break Assassins Dining Out Upon This Rape Drunk On This Adrenalin That We Crave Stamping"
  • Exciter Long Live The Loud
    "I burn down the highway My music is loud Gone past all barriers of sound Lay down metal law Let's show them who's the boss Long live the louder than hell Long live the loud, long live the loud Long live"

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