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angie stone i wish i didnt miss you

  • I Wish - Beckham Victoria
    "Beckham Victoria Victoria Beckham I Wish Ah, come on Ooh, who me? Come on, uh I saw you outside Getting out your ride A CLK 430, you've got style As soon as I checked you out A ladies man no doubt From"
  • I Wish - Robyn
    "Do you know what I think all these nights when I can't sleep, sleep at all Slowly I close my eyes My thoughts they fly away to you no matter what I do I wish I could turn back time Back to the time when"
  • I Wish - Semisonic
    "I wish I could be anyone but the one that I am now I wish I could see any scene but the one I hang around I wish I could do anything but the things I always do No matter how I try to sing along Something"
  • I Wish - Jo Dee Messina
    "It's not easy saying this to you It's the hardest thing I've ever had to do But boy before you go I want you to know Chorus: I wish you strength When times are hard Oh I wish with all my heart you find"
  • I Wish - Hayley Kiyoko
    "i wish /3x i found love I wish /3x I found love i don’t know where we’re gonna go from here I don’t you shut down when I tell you all the shit I want we butt heads, you don’t pay my no attention and you’re"
  • Wish I Could Forget You - Silverstein
    "You won't repeat this for the rest of the crowd. I know they will miss but you'll still feel proud. but you'll still feel proud. Say it's gold, say it's fine. The secrets out that you're mine. Say it's"
  • I Wish - Gabrielle
    "You don't know what you do to me Sometimes I find You knock me off my feet Oh how I wish That we could be alone Oh how I wish to me That you belonged I often watch you When you're least aware Even though"
  • I Wish - Victoria Adams
    "I saw you outside getting out your ride A clk430 you got style As soon as I checked you out a ladies man no doubt From head to toe your all style and I like it How bout you buy me a rose cos I think This"
  • I wish - R.Kelly
    "I wish, I wish, I wishTo every cityI wish, I wish, I wishEvery hoodI wish, I wish, I wishAnd every blockI wish, I wish, I wishGood Ol' America!Rollin' through the hoodJust stopped by to say what's upCame"
  • I Wish - Alex Lloyd
    "Why are we so cold? Why are we so numb? How did it get like this On the sidewalk in the pouring rain? In the spotlight did you feel the same? I wish for us, I do I pray for us Out and over or don't you"

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