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bialas street

  • Love Street - R.Kelly
    "Hey yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah Oh woah woah oh Yeah yeah yeah yeah Woah woah oh It seems we've lost our touch Used to be so in love, yeah, uh But somehow we've gotten off-track And we never really got it"
  • Easy Street - Randy Newman
    "Satisfaction guaranteed Gettin everything you need? Hand delivered, quite discreet 'Cause you're on Easy Street Any place you want to go We'll call ahead and let them know Get you in through the"
  • Shelfer Street - Billy Dean
    "In the shade of Shelfer Street Playin' in that summer heat I wore blisters on my feet Then I'd sleep with my windows open wide And a good feelin' down deep inside Man I really had it made in the shade"
  • Saxon Street - Ezio
    "We used to play on Saxon Street Outside Gino's after school That's where we'd meet Wearing black boots on latin feet On Saxon Street At school they taught us How they'd ruled the world Then they'd smother"
  • Poison street - New Model Army
    "We were singing in the rain Like we invented singing There's a light in the sky From a million street lights And we danced all the steps From all those old time movies Rolling down the hill With laughint"
  • Mean Street - Van Halen
    "At night I walk this stinkin' street past the crazies on my block And I see the same old faces and I hear that same old talk And I'm searching for the latest thing, a break in this routine I'm talkin'"
  • Madeleine Street - Jefferson Airplane
    "And then my whole world turned kind of crazy My whole world came apart Found my way to Madeleine Street Found my lover and I found my heart Found my lover and I found my heart Down in Nicaragua in a little"
  • Sentimental Street - Night Ranger
    "Saw you walkin' out on Sentimental Street What'cha doin' out there Who you tryin' to be I know what you're thinking 'Cause I've been there myself I've been kicked so many times I don't know nothin' else Still"
  • Beacon Street - Al Stewart
    "When your little world has fallen apart You'll be living on Beacon Street In a flat above a laundry It's warm and forgiving on Beacon Street Hundreds of paperback novels adorning your shelves Piles of"
  • Street Walkin' - Dan Auerbach
    "You know that time when I said I had a job And that bartender looked over at you and he gave a nod The rain was hard and the ghosts were talkin' My mind was gone, I was street walkin' Kids with looks"

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