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bocoran buat pk 888 malam ini berikutnya 10-01-2019

  • 10's - Pantera
    "My skin is cold, Transfusion with somebody Morose and old, Drop into fruitless dying It was tempting and bared, The whoring angel rising Now burning prayers, My silent time of losing My foes - they can't"
  • April 10 - Garbage
    "It was April the tenth I remember it well It was so cold that year It was colder than hell Things haven't been good For you, for a while Because I'd been on tour I hadn't heard And you've dropped in With"
  • 10 Rings - Pencey Prep
    "Learn to live with decisions that you made I learned things from the break that I can't forget Catch you doing drive-bys at 1 AM It must kill you to know that we can't be friends End of the summer you"
  • Perfect 10 - Josh Kelley
    "Hey Perfect ten Did you stop to check him out Hey perfect ten did you leave him any doubt You know you're on your way You can feel it in your bones You know there'll be a day This will make you feel alone *CHORUS* So"
  • Combo 10 - Tiro De Gracia
    "(letra:Sanchez /Nalini /Seo2/Drago /Scoobi /Chico.A /Carmona/Loaiza /Cesar Azar/ musica: Loaiza) Lengua: Quiero pan dame pan pa engordar / nada mas que pan, no me den caviar un pedazo de pan pa matar el"
  • 10 Wayz - Big Tymers
    "Turn it up Turn it up Turn it up Ten ways to a G Three situations - pay attention to me Yeah, yeah Ten! First, ya gotta go get the chips Scope out the section, tell 'em, "Go get the bricks." "
  • Train #10 - Tim McGraw
    "I'm gonna ride that iron horse into the sun I'm gonna say goodbye to you and all the things you've done I used to be afraid but I know today's the day I'll take the last train I can find just in case"
  • 10 Minuter - Kent
    "Tnk om vi skulle vakna utan lppar med hela munnen fylld av jord bakom tungan inga ord Tnk om jag skulle vakna, vara farlig med hela munnen fylld av blod Jag bet min tunga nr du log Allt jag ville sga glmde"
  • 10 Hours - Warren Barfield
    "There's ten hours between us tonight And I feel like my heart will break Cause it's been way too long Since I've last seen your face What I'd give if you were here with me now And I was lost in your touch If"
  • 10 West - Mad Caddies
    "Well I'm back on the road again lost among the city lights We step up harder just to make it to the show tonight With yesterday's antics still playing in my head Well another day's upon us so let's do"

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